How far is it worth pushing on Christmas Challenge

My team is about 2300 points strong. I finished the normal level (at that point, the team was only 1800 points or so) only by using inordinate numbers of Axe attacks and arrow attacks.

With my current strength, I pushed through the first six levels of Advanced to get the Blue trainer and the troops, but I was already having to use items extensively to get out alive. (Two or three healing potions, 5 Axes and a couple of arrows…)

Is it worth it to try to push through to the next plateau at level 12?

I am mostly using Hawkmoon 3/44; Valen 3/48; Bane 3/50; Sabina 3/25; Wu Kong 2/20. (Other options are Graymane 3/4; Balthazar 2/9; Carver 3/27; Skittleskull 1/9, and various unleveled 3 star heroes.)

I wouldn’t do it, personally. The ingredient and crafting costs for the items gets pretty crazy, and the payoff isn’t that huge. I think those resources would be better spent leveling your heroes and buildings, and over time you’ll be able to complete more of the rare quests and events that give ascension mats and other useful items.

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You have good heroes. Try to level them up as much as possible and you might wanna do stage 12. you still have a lot of time left!

I had to pass on level 19 advanced with TP 3500, wasted some restart gems, bomb attacks and pots only to achieve nothing (^%^% Mother North and the bloody snowmen). I’ll have another attempt in ~10 days but not going crazy about it. Most of the rewards are completely not worth it. Scope and rings are the only awards really worth the effort but you don’t have any 5* red or blue to use them on anyway. Avatars are laughable, epic tokens are only 2. Trainers are nice to have, but it only hastens levelling one hero for a day or two so no big loss if you can’t have it. Farmable ingredients or craftable items are not worth it at all, considering all the items you have to spend.


You finish normal and this is good. Try some hard parts of event (without battle items, only for fun and with luck maybe you can won 2-3 levels)
You really need very good 4* heroes on 4^70 to finish this event (hardest event in game IMHO) its really not worth it to spend materials if can’t get ascending mats. Upgrade your heroes, get some new and be rady fo Easter :slight_smile:

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This event is possible with a few 60 heroes, but definitely no weaker than that. Idk if it’s even possible to finish with mostly 60’s. All I know is I passed it with a 3293TP team, but it took patience, the right items, and making sure MN never went off. Make sure your specials are charged before every stage, bring two healers if you’re struggling with the mobs, save your items til the boss stage and unload accordingly, save as many diamonds and/or bombs on the board [for the boss stage] as you can, use AoE and/or splash hitters (the splash hitters will be able to hit everyone at once), make sure to include some solid synergies (attack buff, defense down, etc), and again: Mother North cannot go off. Any stage with Mother North in it requires either a mana controller or timestops. If you let her go off even once, you’ll be going back and forth with her all day. Believe me, it sucks; don’t put yourself through that :sweat_smile:

Helpful items for boss stages: arrows, axes, bombs, dragon attacks (lots of cumulative damage). Mana pots for your mana controllers (big 100% one preferred), or time stops. Could bring in a health pot, in place of one of those other items, if you’re worried about not surviving the first stage long enough to get your specials charged (especially your healers).

There’s still about two weeks left, so I’d suggest going for it. My TP was over 700 less than what was recommended, but I did it. You might not be able to finish the event with a TP lower than 3k, but you might as well try. Keep pushing, and don’t give up; maybe you’ll be surprised at how far you get. Plus, it’ll give you some idea about how much stronger you need to be for the next seasonal event. Good luck :blush:


As usual @RandaPandah nailed the proper strategy.

Keep going as long as it’s fun for you and you don’t mind risking the flags and possible XP on losing.

In the past I’ve advanced through challenges until I’m at the point where it gets too frustrating to continue.


While @RandaPandah gives great advice here, with a 2300 team you won’t get far in advanced even with her strategy. Push up to where you can, but you’ll be unlikely to get that telescope.


I have a 2973 team and that telescope is still out of my grasp! Probably 10+ attempts so far. So frustrating. About ready to smash my iPad against a wall. :persevere:

Be kind to the iPad. Not it’s fault. :slight_smile:

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Hmmm @RandaPandah deleting a post

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Hey, I’m feeling adventurous today; I’m going to hide some of my posts, catch a few flags, and maybe I’ll start a revolution on this forum, who knows :smirk:

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If you need a flag buddy, i can show ya the ropes lol

I haven’t mastered much in this game but i think i have that part down to both an art and a science

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So… we’re about to experience the trash-talking stylings of the Pandah Underground?

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Did you made it to stage 12 ? im currently in the same situation, team power about 2300, all 3* heros, i Only have a 4* Chao, will lvl him to 3/60 (no materials for ascend).
My goal is stage 12 for the epic hero token

I decided that I was going to waste too many resources on getting through to level 12. I did manage to complete the Ice-AscensionMaterials-Quest with a 2500 point team. (And am gradually getting 4-stars strong enough to sub into the team!)

The game seems to like locking me into roles, though. For the longest time, my only 3-star red was Hawkmoon, so I am using red for healing. So which 4-star red did I get? Boldtusk, of course. Bane is my sniper yellow (as with most of us), so who do I get as my only 5-star? Leonidas. Even Triton (my only 4-star blue) is pretty comparable with Valen, whom he just replaced… Since Sabina is stalled at 3/60, I’m hoping for something good from the next dark summon (which is in 4 days or so for me).

Sounds like you did good. That was a hard event. And it sounds like you have some good heroes. Note boldtusk is way better than hawkmoon. Keep growing them and you’ll be fine.


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