How far ahead are you on your training camps?

You grind missions, gain recruits, and train because they are there. But if you play often enough, you gain more recruits faster than they are used by your training camps, so you end up with a backlog.

In other words, how many days could you stop playing the game altogether while continuing to produce heroes from your training camp?

I run one level 13 and three level 20 camps, and I am currently backlogged 40 days on all of them. It would be more if I hadn’t stopped running missions for a full week or if, much earlier in the game, I would max out my recruits and hold onto them until they were needed right before the previous training ended.

How about you?

TC 19 will fix that and improve your hero leveling speed. TC 1/2/3 too will help clear out the backlog… basically you’re only backlogged cause you’re not being very efficient in the time domain in terms of developing heroes.

Also why would you do a level 13 at all once you have level 20 camps? Do something better with that TC :slight_smile:


I have 3 TC20 doing Legendary training, and one doing common/Uncommon training.

I had quite a bit of Food stored in my TC20’s and TONS of recruits in my TC13… but my TC20’s have given me so many 4* and 5* heros the past few weeks that I have burned up all that food and recruits on TC2/TC19 trainings.

Now it’s all I can do to keep up with the recruit needs of running TC2 constantly while keeping my TC20’s loaded.

I stopped production in my TC 20 to switch to TC 19 to level heros faster…takes plenty of recruits and ham, lol, but very worth it imho.

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I’m also to the point where 5* coming out of TC20 aren’t going to help me all that much, so I spend most of my recruits on TC19 for speed as others have mentioned.

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I have stopped building SH at lvl19, and my top tc will be TC19 in 24 hrs. My luck at pulls has me with 14 4* 1^1 and more below tier 4 as well as a couple 5* leveling up.

My storage is 77 days at TC12.

I upgrade when the recruits run out.

“Also why would you do a level 13 at all once you have level 20 camps?”

For the heroes at basically no cost. As things stand, I get twelve 1* to 3* heroes per day for nothing, and three 3* heroes per every two days with a single 4* about once a month and never any 5* from my three 20 TCs over the past five months. I have already maxed out almost all of my heroes, so it’s not like I need another 40-50 of common ones quickly. But at least a number of them are available each day if necessary instead of a new, single 3* for the day.

How many fully upgraded 4’s and 5’s do you have, if I may ask?

I have 4 tc running at 20 and every couple of days I do a few hours of lvl 19 trainings in between, so I don’t build up very long queues anymore. Lvl19 will burn through you recruits and food very fast and give a nice leveling boost, working out very good. Only reason to let the queue build up at this level, is if you don’t have heroes to lvl.

Also lvl 13 is completely a very big waste of recruits and training time once you have tc 20.

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I have 3 lv 20 TC doing Legendary Training 24/24 7/7. 25 days queue on every camp.

Another is going to 20 soon, it’ll be the fodder intensive camp and the single Legendary Training while I’ll have maxed my heroes.

Switch it to 11 and then don’t collect the heroes until you actually need them.

That way when you do get something interesting from your TC20’s, you can level it with a quickness. As is, it’s a waste of both time and resources which limits long term progression.

Admittedly doesn’t solve your complaint of being maxxed on everything and queued on your TC’s, but it is a better use of the TC.

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Two @ 13 one at 4 lol. I mostly just run one for common and two for uncommon. I’ll switch over to Extremely Cheap Uncommon if I won’t be very active for a couple of days, otherwise I work on multiple heroes at a time and feed daily. I’m not the hoarding type…

I run 1 TC20 and 2 TC11 at all times. I alternate my last camp between 1,2,11,19 to use up food and materials.

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Hm… 2 hours. My Stronghold is yet 19 and TC18/11/11

Around 12. I know it is more than 10, but I’m not going to bother checking right now. And I have another 6 or 7 that I could have upgraded fully but am intentionally holding at 3^ in case a 5* comes along that needs the specific resources.

4 TC20 on legendary almost all the time.
Just stop 1 occasionally to burn recruits/ham on TC19 (even 300 trainings at the same time, 5 hrs ).

I’m running 2-3 tc20 24/7, tc11 and tc19. My backlog is non-existent since I’m working on so many hero’s for aw :). And I like it :smile: Still have several hero’s qued up for levelling (tripling on a few desirable 4*).