How exactly does Alberich work in war?

I was under the impression that Alby could only resurrect heroes that were alive when that particular battle started. I just hit an Alby team with only him and one other left. I killed the other one. He powered up and resurrected everyone except the tank. I promptly died. When I looked at the team afterwards, only Alby and the one that was there when I started the battle were alive and the other 2 were gone. Is this a bug or is it intended. If intended, then that’s seriously overpowered.

Your impression is not correct, what you experienced is indeed behaving as designed: Alberich can resurrect ANY dead heroes, but ONLY the ones that started the attack alive get carried over to the next attack. Any resurrected heroes that started dead and were resurrected don’t carry over and survive into the next attack.

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Thanks. That’s way overpowered in my opinion. I’ll be avoiding him in the future wars.

Hate to say it but you just got some bad luck there - that is Alby’s function though. Next time go at him packing some extra red heroes from your bench :slight_smile:

The problem is that I was hitting him with my bench in the first place.

If Alby may resurrect even death ally for the next battle it makes him totally a war breaker.

This way he is still a monster, but a fair monster :grin:

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Are you really surprised? ‘overpowered’ is Alby’s middle name :sweat_smile:

Sir Alberich Overpowered Seelie III

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Better to say - heroes can’t have more hp after the battle than it was at beggining. So dead at beggining with 0 hp will be dead, 250 hero hp at beggining (even if it was healed to full at the battle) will be 250 hp after.


One question, I atack a team with Alberich. I kill three of his companions, staying alive Alberich and another hero.
I spend another flag and kill Alberich and the other hero, but I lose the battle because Alberich revives other heroes and they eliminate my team.
What happens when the battle is over?
In theory I killed the five heroes and I would have to give the team by eliminated, right?

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I had the similar situation yesterday. :frowning: I kill everyone except Alberich and he fired special having 15 or 20 hp only. As a result he resurrected all the killed heroes and I failed and received only 5 points for this attack. Damn it!

I was under the impression that according to the announcement:

Healing and resurrection are temporary during the War. If the health of a defending hero has increased when the battle ends, their health will be reset to the value they had when the battle started.

the resurrection should be considered temporary and be cancelled once the round finished. But it turned out that once the heroes were alive at the beginning of a round all my efforts were in vane.

The only way a resurrected hero can stay through to another attack was if they started alive.

i.e. if your defense is albi sartana joon hel and caedmon and the first attacker killed hel and caed, during the second attack, if Albi raiss Hel or Caed, they will NOT be alive at the start of the third attack on that defense. However, if the 2nd attacker kills Joon and albi raises him during that attack, I’m 99% sure Joon will be alive for the 3rd attack since he was alive at the beginning of the 2nd attack.


This is exactly how it works. I misunderstood this and payed for it. :slight_smile:

cool, thanks for the verification. I like 100% better than 99%.

Guess it’s the same as you win the battle, for the same reason that allies killed before the battle doesn’t really count for “clearing” a team.

So if you happen to engage a leftover team with only Alberich and Joon, even if he revive the entire team during the match you have just to focus on Alby and Joon and kill them to “win” the same (with alby sure first :grin: ) even if the others are still alive.

Nuh-uh! I have attacked teams of half dead heroes that 1) heal up to full, 2) wipe my attacking team, and 3) start the next defense at full health.

This is drugs only, better to stop it… As i said it works like i said, dead heroes at beggining, even raised during the CURRENT battle, won’t be in the next one. Hero with 1 hp at beggining of the battle, even healed to full during the CURRENT battle, will have 1 hp at the next one. If people miss some other obvious things, like someone after you killed that person and all their playes was ressurected immedietly cause of ALL opponent death, this is not making other view right. The rule is one and it’s like i said and also devs told long time ago, checked by many times.

Also about alberich solo - you begin battle against only solo alberich, he raised other heroes (somehow!), then you killed him but didn’t killed his ressurested heroes. So battle lost!!! and then will be same solo alberich in the next one battle.

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skeptical face

I’m not convinced by your assertion because it contradicts something I experienced. It’s possible this happened to me in a prior release and they changed it? Can you point to some post where the Dev’s have explained this?

It’s consistent with my understanding, and with what @Dante2377 posted earlier in the thread.

If you start with only albi and lose the battle (for whatever reason) then the team will be restored back to Albi with the HP he had before you attempted him.

I recall seeing this in one of the AW updates announced by the team and is consistent with what I have observed.

Sorry, wasn’t clear - I understand the Alby behavior.

I’m referring to how I’ve seen damaged heroes be healed to a higher total than they started with, and had that higher total carry over to the next battle.