How everyone is sustaining Strong Ropes?

Hi everyone,

I know a post has already be made about this subject but no discussion have been permitted as it got closed after a link to Barry Farming Guide.

So to resume I already know that Barry Guide tells us that best stage to farm Strong Rope is S1 6-8.
However, even farming this stage with every once of our stamina is not enough to sustain a sufficient number of Strong Rope to run the best recipe IG at this moment: Hero Academy Level 3. I burn my reserve of 4000 Strong Rope this past month.
I would like to know if other players are in my situation and if some others have found ways to sustain enough Strong Rope to be able to run let’s say every 2 days, 40 AH3 recipe.

My main question at this moment is why SG, AGAIN, seems to have given us a nice carot that we can’t use? Maybe I am missing something.

Let’s discuss!

My guess is that that don’t intend these levels to be run 24/7, but in a more on-demand fashion.

I don’t think the game is really designed for the ultra-optimized play that data miners eventually lead to. They didn’t crunch the numbers in advance the way that say, Barry does afterwards. The result is optimally efficient levels that just can’t be run 24/7/365 because of materials.

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It’s similar to lots of things…I can’t sustain mats for infinite tornadoes either.

HA3 is great for speeding through the last levels of a 5*, but it’s not designed for constant use.

Think of it as an afterburner, not cruise control.


It seems to me that HA1 is better than HA3. It gives you more 1* heroes at a lower cost, so experiense per recruite rate is better.

HA1 is cheaper in the amount of recruits that is used but it also uses two wooden swords. Therefore, I like to use TC1, which only requires 1 wooden sword though is 10x longer than HA1.

I’d say HA3 becomes better when your 5* is at 3.60 and 4.50.

You would use too much food only using 1* heroes to level 5*s at those points.


TC 19 is actually my preference for getting a lot of 1* feeder heroes. But yes, I’ve burned through 2k worth of ropes in a short time, and while it helped my ALMOST finish 2 5* heroes (and get 2 others close to final ascension point), that afterburner is out of fuel now. Urgh. Could use a better level than 6-8 for ropes - it just isn’t giving me them more than once every three to four attacks. Not enough!

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