How ennemies défense gain mana

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My question is : how do clan warfare defense troops gain mana and how do i know when they will cast their spell ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Defending heroes get a little but if mana each round.
Defending heroes gain mana, when they are hit by tiles
Defending heroes cast their special as soon as their mana is filled
Defending heroes make their slash attack when their timer is down to 1. the Timer is shown below them, there is a small number


The mana bar for each defender is visible on the bottom of their hero. The slash attack timer is next to it.

The only exception to “fire when full” are ninjas, who may charge to 1x, 2x, or 3x randomly every time they have an empty bar (or are hit by a mana drain).

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do slash attack make them gain mana ?

Offense doesn’t have slash attacks, so it’s not a valid question.

I think @Sel means “do defenders get mana when defenders perform a slash attack?” to be precise. Good question if so. My guess would be though that they don’t, as I have never specifically observed for that.

They do not, unless they had some ability that gave them mana when doing damage (and I’m not aware of any currently; they’re all tied to specials).

Ok i just realized they gain mana afthe their attack turn, that why some mana are fullfill but they dont use it.

You’ll find this thread very helpful: Mana mechanics with almost exact numbers

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