How effective is Joon 5* 3.70 in raids/ war versus 4* 4.70 from Legendary training


==Good Bits==

Well RNGesus is just messing with me. Jackal. The 3* Orbs go to Jackal.

==Long rant==

I was storing finished heroes in legendary training until I summoned a good 5* hero in Atlantis summons ( mostly I use it to store 24.7 million food, but the 3*/ 4*/ 5* heroes would be helpful to level a good 5* hero ) or summon a HotM that I need for my team ( I have several HotM but either lack materials to level them or have the materials but they do not fit on my team ).

But there is a second builder incident and suddenly I have 5* 1.1 Joon. So I post to the forum, listen to the replies, and decide to level Joon to 5* 3.70 with 3* Orbs.

My first summons today is Guardian Jackal. This woke up Gryphonkit, my wife.

I am now have the problem of leveling Jackal to 4* 4.70 and Joon to 5* 3.70. I will now be buying 3* Orbs ( and perhaps a compass ) the next time they appear in a calendar sale.

This my readers is how casinos stay in business. I will remember this day for the next five to eight years.

I now name my Joon “The ill timed” for once again, if it was not for another hero, he would get all the attention.


My advice:

If you have Joon, level him as much as you can, then Chao.

Level up all heroes you can in your roster, one by one.

That will give you more flexibility and you will be able to finish more events, which will give you more AM’s.

BTW, the only valid comparison with Joon in your roster is Chao.

Li Xiu and Wu Kong are great heroes, but Wu Kong special does not help much if you are fighting Boril or Cyprian. Li Xiu is more a defensive player, I actually use her as a tank.

Vivica is also totally worth leveling up, she is the ultimate healer.

You may not have all the materials rigght now, but it’s way better to have your 5*s ready to go at 3/70 than having to work all the way through when you get them.


Congrats on your jackal. Meanwhile, I did a 10 pull and came up empty handed, yeah rng really like to mess with us sometimes. I really2 want falcon or give me a second jackal, I dont mind at all. And that was 3 months worth of gems hoard.

About the 3s mats, I think the 3 rolls on titan makes quite a different. I’ve been almost a year now with my alliance. We are casual but active bunch, not much chat but at least 80% participate everyday and sometimes less on weekend. Little to no drama, now, with war individual opt out, we are drama free. We dont force anyone to participate but do encourage them and puts notes if we want the titan to go down like the merc message, but within our alliance,lol. When I first started, we are killing 5s and I used to carry them for the longest time. At that time, my alliance is too casual, meaning they just play the game and didnt know how to use their heroes properly, let alone setup a good team to optimze the titan hit. Now, we are kiling 7-8s, I can breath easy and can fall to a or b score and no longer need to cover for them as much. When I was carrying them, sometimes I feel stressed and want to move alliance but now I just harvest the fruit of my hardwork and can relax kiling 7,8s, cheers on winning war, share tips on hard quests for newbies, etc. Am I lucky to be with my alliance? Yes, I am. But it is for a cost.