How effective is Joon 5* 3.70 in raids/ war versus 4* 4.70 from Legendary training

How effective is Joon 5* 3.70 in raids/ war versus 4* 4.70 from Legendary training

I have the items to level Joon to 5* 3.70, but not 5* 4.80 since I am still trying for Delilah ( It may take me 8 years and endlessly badgering the Devs for trade, but I shall get Delilah ).

I have at 4* 4.70:
Wu Kong

I have at 4* 3.60
Wu Kong
Hu Tao
Li Xiu

I also have:
Chao 4* 2.27

Danzaburo 4* 1.1
Vivica 5* 1.1 ( Not sure how useful she would be at 5* 3.70 for raid/ war. I also have Thorne I could raise to 5* 3.70 if I want to spend gloves and compasses that way )
2x Wu Kong 4* 1.1

Joon’s special is insane ( 1/8 is -26% accuracy for 6 turns ) but is he too squishy at 5* 3.70 to use in raid/ war ?

Would it be better to save the 3* ascension items for a better 5* 3.60 yellow ( which may never come ), a better 4* 4.70 yellow limited edition ( which may never come ), use on one of my current heroes.

I am just running no yellow raid teams right now, which means I am skipping over most purple center defense teams.

Edit 1:
Lacking a yellow sniper also limits my attack options in war. Just not too thrilled with current single target mana reduction heroes like Chao.

Joon at 3/70 should have his special at 8/8. Very effective. Although his defense is a little weak he has fast mana and his attack and blind makes up for it. I used him at 3/70 for a while before I was able to max him. If you are waiting for Delilah, he can hang at 3/70 and be effective.


Chao at 4/70 is very useful in AWs. Not sure why you don’t like him. He is fast, hits decently and delays a special when his snipe doesn’t oneshot.

Do I get it right that you don’t even -have- Delilah? And are delaying maxing your Joon because of that? Because in the 80ies that would have been similar to remaining a virgin to save yourself for Brooke Shields. If karma exists in this game, spending your mats on Joon may be the only way to actually secure your Delilah. In real life however, dating Sinead O’Connor would not have gotten you anywhere closer to a date with Brooke Shields though. I guess karma won’t work like that.


You could wait just a little bit for jackal if you have some gems to spare. I got jackal in only 4 summons, so all hope is not gone yet. When I completed my 1st set of dart, its hard for me to choose my first 80 holy legendary , and decided to go with joon and havent regretted it one bit. Delilah is still fine at 70, but its quite hard to use viv at 70 because she is slow and a bit squishy too. I only run viv with my holy monoteam. For raid, I use 4s healer as a double colour on tank. As good as delilah is, I still dont think I will bring her to every fight when she reach 80 and still need to use healer that have more appropriate special to counter the nasty buff/debuff the enemies will cast. Im raiding at 2600 cups but still use 4s healer,lol. My 1st rainbow 80s are all attacker.

Overall, my next set of darts will go to delilah because I need her for upcoming season 2 maps which is suprisingly becoming rougher as we progress.

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I usually suggest taking a 4* before a 5* if you don’t have material to max him, but thats not what i want to say here.

Wu kong aside, Joon is still probably better of the other regular (and season 2) heroes even at 3.70.

As other suggested the only who take priority over him is Jackal, but if you don’t get him (or you don’t want even try) go for Joon without looking back.


Feed Hu Tao and Li Xui to Chao.
Ascend Wu Kong
Hu and Li are just useless if you will use Chao. Sniper and fast. All you need for yellow. Unless your Joon is maxed.
How ever Joons skill 1 hit Sabina but Chao’s skill can’t. Incase of both are 8/8 even if Joon is 3^70.
I been there in raids and got hitted by both of Joon 3^70 on my Sabina she died and Chao’s hit her for 50% of her Hp.

Li xiu is better on defense than chao and when you’re attacking it’s best to pair them together


Points of view.
We are on different sides of the playing street mate.

I ran Joon at 3/70 until I had the materials for his last ascension. IMO he’s one of the rare cases where a 5* at 3/70 is better than an average maxed 4* hero.


The few big fast snipers that are still good at 3/70:


Not sure if I missed out anyone else

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Basically most of the single direct 5* hitter is nice.


True. But Perseus doesn’t hit that hard. Probably that’s why I don’t remember him. :sweat_smile:

So what’s the thought on 3/70 joon vs 4/70 chao (I’m guessing chao is the best/close approximate for comparison)? On titan, offense, defense? Quite curious of this myself.

Don’t like Chao personally. After feeding countless of him, I still keep 5x of him 1/1.

This says that I really don’t like him but still a 4*


I think that Anchor underrates Chao - he’s not A grade, but definitely better than C. That said, even though Chao was one of my key heroes for a long time, and the first 4* I maxed, I’d still take 3/70 Joon over 4/70 Chao given the option.

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Chao is rated low due his lack of definition in what role to play.

Relatively high def and low tile damage.
Functions as a sniper that doesn’t kill. Works better at defense for mana cut but AI control so it means no control. Conclusion is that on offense and defense, he has no true position.


Empires are filled with heroes that are “almost good”. I like Chao, but his single target mana reduction needs to be buffed from 25% to at least 50%.

While Joon has an almost brokenly overpowered special skill, but is a 5* Hero and I just don’t have 4* ascension items.

If I had not lost so many gems chasing Delilah, I would be more optimistic about my Jackal chances. I do have 3* ascension items for Panther ( RNGesus blessed me with 9 Tabards and 24 Trap tools to my 5 Darts and 10 Orbs. Yes, this is how Small Giant is still in business. No, it doesn’t make me happy ).

I would level to 4* 4.70 Jackal in a heartbeat for events and war, but Joon 5* 4.80 is a little over kill for our current 5* titans. If I had as many holy ascension items as I do dark ascension items I would level Joon today ( I have enough extra low cost training stored up ).

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Don’t spend mats or feeders on Thorne unless he gets a buff.

In the absence of Jackal/s and other 5* yellows, getting 2 Wu’s to 4/70 will be good for titans and extra bench for wars.

A 3/70 5* sniper will be good for wars. Even 3/60 4* are useful for wars. The usefulness drops when you are fighting alliances in the top 50 of war scores. They will still be servicable but die too fast to specials.

I would bring Joon to 3/70 and Chao to 4/70.

Why aren’t you fighting higher level titans?

Because the first alliance my wife, Gryphonkit, joined was full of vocal, toxic people who didn’t like an ex-model, ex-cheerleader, national gold medal winning, cougar ( well she is a 11 months older than me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ).

The second alliance she found treats ladies like ladies, gamers like gamers, and working adults like work adults. But that play style alliance does not get 3 ascension item rolls per defeated titan.

I merced for years in Book of Heroes MMO, and it gets old after awhile.

So 5* titans it will be.

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Joon 3^70 is better than most 4* yellows and is a valid hero for wars, titans and raids.
I just got Delilah to 4^80 so Joon will have to wait a “little” xD

Apropos: should you both wish to change boats, do find me in line (same name)