How does your Alliance coordinate Wars?

I am a strategic person by nature, relying on odds, stats and a little luck.

I find it very difficult to coordinate war attacks with other members in the alliance. I know if we worked together a bit more our efforts would see more W’s than we do now.

How do other alliances do it?

Time zone changes play a big part in it I suppose. People aren’t always on when i am on to coordinate with. When they are we can team up and use our attacks a bit better, but I am not sure the best practice for doing this.

Do you use a messenger app? Online site for the alliance?

If we had in game notes we could post that would help a bunch, but alas, not an option, other than scrolling through massive amounts of chatter.

Just looking for more ways to improve.



Take a look here for some basic ideas.

We use Line, In Game chat, and the alliance banner to coordinate.


Ohhh, alliance banner is a great idea!!!

Checking out the War Strategy Guide now, thanks @hazard

Only thing about the alliance banner is that your opponents can see it too :wink:

For the most part since this isn’t a turn based strategy game, this doesn’t matter much. But you should probably refrain from discussing a shared tank color while you are early in prep phase.


You could consider agreeing on a strategy in advance (Line, Discord), based on the expected defence teams. The war master can adjust it after the war begins if necessary. The strategy must take timezones and alliance geographical spread into account.

Agreeing on who should attack whom first is easier in alliance chat imo. People can discuss what heroes they have left and agree on how to attack.


Understood. Your guide is a good one @hazard , lots of good ideas in there I didn’t think of for wars :slight_smile: Appreciate you taking the time out to write that up. I am going to share it with my alliance.

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I still think using both chat and Line at the same time is best. Chat is in your face while in the game. In Line (or Discord) you can post pics of suggested lineups as well as poke an individual person to get their attention.

Otherwise, I agree entirely.

One last point. As your alliance gets comfortable with an overall strategy, there’s less need for direct coordination because people understand their roles implicitly. You still need to talk; it just gets easier.

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We pretty much spend all prep discussing new strategies to try in the upcoming war and then the war starts and it all goes out the window. We do however communicate heavily in game if the war appears it’s going to come down to the wire.

Nothing really, we just attack teams we can take out. Our leader usually saves his hits for last as he has the most leveled/diverse bench and can give us a nice point bump at the end of the war if needed.

The only real strategy my current alliance has is to co ordinate colors, mainly tank. Everybody uses the same color tank and some people co ordinate flanks as well. My last alliance had a very specific time schedule to get the most value out of flags and we would aim to reset the enemy field once. My current alliance just kind of resets the enemy field if people are active with flags so it’s less specific. We usually get two resets. Some people are kind of designated more as clean up rather than hitters but that’s not really something that’s talked about, it just happens naturally. Everyone wants to put up as many points as possible so clean up teams do jump at those opportunities and hitters one hit as many teams as possible.


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