How does Valhalla family bonuses work? (How low of a health?)

Is it like a when a Valhalla hero has below %10, %20, etc health; or is it like when they have below 100, 200, etc health(hit points)?

I mean does it work indexed to %s or just some numbers regardless from what % it is proportionate to the max health?

Thanks in advance.

sorry for bad English btw. I think this time I pretty much butchered it

Are you asking about those skills which are activating if your hero’s health is low ?
They are activating when the health bar reaches red teritory.
I believe it is below 30%.

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Low health, being the red bar, is I believe 20%

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%20 or %30? (Post must be at least 20 characters.)

Yes it is dependend on % of total health.

I am not sure if anyone has figured out the exact value. I believe it is 20% or 25%.

May be you can investigate it and tell us the result? Nobody has done it yet.

Some of the heroes in Valhalla Summons have their realm bonus explained if you touch the icon.

Some realm bonuses activate when they’re below 20% HP, e.g. Midgard heroes like Thor and Mist will give their allies a +5%/+10% attack buff until they’ve healed or die in battle.

Other realm bonuses activate upon the death of a hero from that realm, e.g. Muspelheim heroes like Sumle and Baldur will apply an uncleansable burn debuff onto the enemy team until they’ve healed or die in battle.

Not sure what language you play the game in, but if you ever curious and happen to have at least one hero from Valhalla/Season 3, open their card and touch the icon above “Realm” and it should explain that particular realm bonus.

I hope this is of some help (even if it might be repeating previous answers/replies)!

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