How does titan score work?

Normally I don’t really care about these things, but our current war match has me confused. I thought titan score was pretty stable and only goes up and down slowly.
I however checked our opponents titan score, since they look a lot stronger than us and was just wondering. They had a titan score of 56k+ as did we, so I was back to wondering why theirs is so low (maybe they take days off for mercing, or whatever, so far we had pretty ok matches, so I am not too bothered with it). It jumped to 60k+ however, which seems a high jump, or is it normal to jump so high after a kill? Ours will probably drop, because we have a 9* that leaves at an unfortunate time and 9* titans are still tough (we manage them occasionally).
Although I was ok with titan score as match up criterium, if it really fluctuates this fast, I am not so sure anymore.

Edit: I could have been mistaken and looked at their trophyscore the first time, since that is also 56k+, but I don’t think so.

Hey! The titan score works based upon this formula - (titan* X 400):

  • for a 9* titan, if it’s killed you gain at most 3600 points;
  • for a 10* titan, if it’s killed you gain at most 4000 points.

Hence, it appears that your opponent killed a 10* titan. The score will decrease afterwards because of the decay.

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Thank you, I think they killed a 9*, I can see something in their description about a 9* (can’t read it, they are Polish). It is possible they jumped 3600 instead of 4000. :slight_smile:


I wish you guys luck tomorrow! :relaxed:

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Coincidentally, a friend just messaged me asking about titan score. His alliance had a 48k score, the titan escaped and the titan score went to 50 k. Can someone explain?

The formula for a titan that escaped is - (titan* X 400/2) X ratio defeat. Even though their titan escaped, they still gained some points. However, after decay, the progress will be negative.

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I would like to return to this topic, recently we killed a 9 *, after a bad spell in which we had to let 2 titans run in a row, the 9 * killed him very fast, in 6 hours. We have killed titans of 11 *, however with this titan despite coming from a bad patch we have achieved our record of points of titan. Does the time in which it is killed influence? Is it even more profitable than the stars?

Nothing? I would like to clarify how it works, I am even more confused, maybe @Kerridoc can help me?

Doc knows, he’s just taking a deep breath before he starts while wondering to himself why he doesn’t create a file to cut and paste these answers from.

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DThe answer is yes, I’ve been told by staff that speed of killing a Titan does influence what Titan you get next. Kill a 9* fast, and you are more likely to see an 11* next round. This was implemented to help on-bOard new alliances of powerful teams.

So when it comes to leaving a titan, it also influences how it is left? I mean, if we know that the next titan is not going to be able and we’re going to let it go? What would happen if we did not even hit him? Maybe it comes out profitable, lower more stars to the next but we will compensate by killing it very fast

Yes, reviving this old thread, but I’m wondering if this is still true, and / or have we heard any additional info from the devs about what behaviors impact the rate of Titan difficulty increase?

Its still true. When we are close to the #1 spot we kill a titan before the timer rounds.