How does this work?

Not a bug, sure thing, but definitely an issue…
Ok. I signed out around 2800 and as usual, in a few minutes, the jackals pulled me back for about 300 cups. Out of 15 attacks my defense lost 9. Nothing unusual up to this point, just day to day business. But then I noticed this

All attackers took the exact same amount of ham and iron from my watch tower. Ok, not that unusual, thay might have camped outside my walls and brotherly shared the spoils… except, there were 9 of them… and 9 x 5750 = 51750 ham… at a production rate of 14321 ham / hour, it would take 3.6 hours for my watch tower to gather all that ham… except I collected from the watch tower just before raiding so, no more than 15 or 20 minutes ago… same for iron…

So? What? Is my watch tower magical or something? Because, if I was to collect from it at that point I would have got 5750 ham and 2977 iron, while the attacking enemies got 51750 ham and 26793 iron out of it… how exactly does this work. Any thoughts? :wink:

3 attacks have been simultaneous. Cannot read the 4th one.

But it’s quite common. I have been raided yesterday 8 times for the same amount of hams/irons

Yes, it’s common, of course, it always happens like this. I’m just curious as to how the hell did they get 9 times the ham quantity that the watchtower held… I’d like to get my hands on a pizza box with the same proprieties :wink:

My guess is its the lowest that each person can get from your WT as its empty as they got to get some sort of reward for defeating your defence.
But do get what your saying it shouldnt have that amount of ham and Iron in it, prob done on individual people.

I always got the impression that you get a set amount of ham and iron when you match for raids which is based on the current holdings in your watch tower. So when you have people simultaneously raiding, they are each entitled to that amount of ham and iron because until the first raider completes his attack and win, your watchtower amounts haven’t changed. That does mean you have a magical tower that multiplies ham and iron, but you can’t make use of it.

Edit: To add to the above, you mention a ham production rate of 14321/hr and collected before you logged off (approx 20 min), so having 5750 ham in your watchtower makes sense.

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