How does this happen - alliance battle lunacy

I go after a 3000-power team in alliance battle with my best 3500 team, and get soundly beaten. Like. I MIGHT take 2 or 3 out before I’m all dead. That should be a decent advantage, but it isn’t. I need almost double the team power I’m attacking, or else I get wrecked. Rainbow team against rainbow team. It happens every friggin battle. The only teams I can beat are the ones they are already half decimated, which doesn’t earn squat for my alliance. This is crap and is absolutely not fun. At. All.

Is like to complain that my 3,000 TP team keeps getting attacked by people with 3,500 TP.

Like, how am I supposed to beat that?? Something needs to change. And. Soon.

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Rainbow team opponent, and you use rainbow team attack? Thats okay, but suggestion is minimal using 2 color strong againts opponent tank/center color. Team Powers is important, but also more important are colors and skills… deciding what we need, a dispell? cleanser? buff, etc…


It would be helpful if you included the heroes of the team you attacked, and the heroes you used to attack, with their corresponding levels and such. Also, I personally don’t recommend using a rainbow attack team, but that’s for another discussion.


Show your attack team and your opponent’s defense.


My experience has not been very good with stacking colors. In fact it’s downright dismal more often than not. Yes, I’m the guy who usually gets no tiles in the color I’ve stacked and thousands of the color I left out.

My team (all maxed) was, from left to right, Caedmon (cl 5), Hu Tao (cl 6), Kellie (cl 3), Boril (cl 3), and Rigard (cl 3). Opponent team was Rigard (4-51), Lianna (3-60), Kellie (4-63), Valen (cl 3), and Wu Kong (3-56). He killed my Rigard first, which was the beginning of the end (and of course I got a crapload of purple tiles after he was killed, just nowhere near his Wu).

This one had me talking to myself. I should have spanked him. What vast quantities of information do I not know?

Edit: my only other maxed 4*'s are Tiburtus and Cole. I don’t use them much unless I’m stacking reds or purples, because I have no other leveled healers, and Kellie is one of my two big hitters. So I’m pretty limited in what kind of high-level team I can field right now.

Liana and Wu both have potential to inflict very high damage.

My last war team is usually Wu and some 3*s and with a bit of luck they can inflict defeat on stronger teams.


Boril is bad at attacking, he is usable if your opponents have slow AOE heroes… but there is none…

Against Kelile Tank, Boril might be used as blue stack but not as your main blue heroes…

You opponents have 3 sniper which will fire long before Hu Tao fire…

It is also useful to bring 2 healers in case one of your healer die early. Two healers will also help you if you use color stack but get a bad board… If at least one survive, the healer can heal and you might have altered the board to your advantage.

In my experience with rainbow, I have to take weaker opponent around 200 lower in war. In my experience with stacking (3-2), I can take stronger opponent around 200 higher in war. Keep in mind that unlike ordinary raid, war have field aid.

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Bad team comp, bringing healers during the AW with heals as the bonus defensive mechanic is a recipe for disaster. You wanna stack damage dealers and preferably not in rainbow. You need that extra tile damage so your snipers can one shot most their targets outright or to the point of one or 2 tiles will finish them off. 2/2/1, 3/2, or full mono if you have the bench strength.

I ALWAYS run full mono every AW and almost always have a favourable score, the heal defensive mechanic is my favorite AW as alot of newer players are under the impression that more heals equals WIN and in my book its a death sentence running a entire team of damage dealers cause you can take down their few damage dealers at ease usually then its GG! Went 5-1 this AW and every team was a snooze fest cause they all had 2 healers, had one craptastic board and still managed to take out 3 out of 5 so…their is that.

I’m sorry @Kayo, I didn’t expect your measly 3000tp would soundly thrash my 3500tp. Next time I’m bringing at least 4000tp!!! Just you wait!!

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Ok, so I tried a little color stacking in this latest AW and had a little butter luck. The hardest part is deciding which color to leave out. But I won 3 out of three this last time around, so that’s progress.


Focus on the tank and put two or three heroes of the strong colour against that. Then have a second priority depending on the war buff and stack that. Happy hunting.


Build vs tank and flanks. Corners will be taken out with specials, which are neutral.

I never like to miss a chance to promote my favourite thread. Just wish I got a commission :rofl:

Wars are essentially raids with nasty additional war rules. Read all the players guides regards raids and wars and I guarantee your game will improve!

Start with this one …

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