How does the war matchup work?

I am curious as to how they match up the alliances for war. I am the only one in my alliance, yet I am always matched up against stronger alliances. The latest matchup is me against an alliance of 28 members…how is that fair? I have 3000 vs their 18,500!

The matching is currently determined by titan score. Essentially if it takes 28 of them to do as much damage as you can do solo - it should be equal.

At least as a measure of strength. If you’re only concerned with war flags for use, then yeah it’s totally unbalanced. But any single matching metric get could get to use is just as flawed… So until they decide to put more effort into the system - lots of us are waiting for a good match

It’s a flaw to the current matching system that member count is left out of the equation, but I assume it will be fixed in the future. One-man armies shouldn’t be eligible for aw at all.

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Thanks for your reply. It looks like what you said is what they are doing. I have zero trophies, and their alliance has 15000 trophies. So, their actual score minus trophies is 3807, and my score is 3600. They have only 8 members that appear to still be active, but that still seems to be a very poor matchup. I will not participate in the wars until the game creators start matching it up more fairly.

You might wind up being surprised.

Set a defense anyway and see what happens; my test alliance somehow is undefeated and we have the same sort of awkward matchups. Lot of AW weirdness at low titan score levels.

I would say participate anyways. You don’t lose anything if you lose and since you’re the only one you can choose who to attack and maximize your points. If you win you’ll be the top spot on your alliance and you might get lucky and get something good. Even if you lose you’ll still get some random items. It’s win-win in my opinion.