How does the « chest acceleration » work?

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How does the « chest acceleration » work ? I mean, is it like we can accelerate an accurate amount of time everyday (like you can jump 50 hours/day) ? Or can we use the « jump » an a certain number of times (like, we can accelerate chests everyday but only 3 times) ?

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The only way, from what I know, to accelerate chests is to skip the timer with gems…

There’s a formula out there for the gem cost to skip (thank you to whoever posted that originally):
gems to skip = ROUND((20 gems/12 hours) * (number of hours left))

Not sure anybody posted the table/calculation but I made one myself that I can share. The formula rounds down so once you hit, say 1.47 gems, it rounds down to one gem. Hope people find this helpful :grin:

time gems
53 min 1.47
1h29m 2.47
2h5m 3.48
2h41m 4.47
3h18m 5.50
3h54m 6.50
4h29m 7.47
5h5m 8.47
5h42m 9.50
6h17m 10.47
6h54m 11.50
7h30m 12.50

I think you only get a certain amount of skips each day (i.e. 3), regardless of how much time you are skipping.


I don’t think you can accelerate 50 hours a day. As a ftp I only skip the monster/assaut chest timer 53 minutes before it will activate. It only costs 1 gem. I usually fill 2 monster chests and 1 assault chest on a daily basis. We all know the more chests you fill the more chances at getting elemental chests you get.

Imo spending too many gems would be counterproductive for a ftp but I heard p2w spend a lot of gems accelerating their chests. They probably fill 3 or 4 monster chests a day + dunno how many assault chests. They probably jump ahead of time a few dozen hours. It’s not something that can be done often tho. You either run out of gems or the game tells you to slow down a bit :slight_smile:

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It’s worth it to accelerate - the special color chests appear after 30-35 other chests are generated, so the faster you work through them, the more special color chests appear!

Color chests are so special because of the high % for AMs, especially 4* AMs. Other than monthly Challenge events, these are the main source of AMs for 5* heroes.

Most of this info is already posted in the thread, but I’m going to summarize things as I see them:

  1. Cost to skip: see post by @JAWS_3D.
  2. How often you can skip: essentially three per day - it seems to be three within any given 24 hour block (so once you’ve reached the cap your next skip will be available in x hours - the game will tell you).
  3. Oddly, when I traveled and changed time zones, that affected the timing of when my next skip was available. It used to be something like skips available at 2am, 10am, and 6pm (all times local). When I went west one zone it shifted to 1am, 9am, and 5pm (according to my new temporary local time). HOWEVER, when I went back home it stayed at those times, meaning I had actually MOVED UP my skips by an hour. Permanently. One wonders if you could game the system by occasionally traveling west.
  4. My tracking and what I’ve seen from reliable reporters strongly suggests the chances of an elemental chest is ~3%.
  5. It is unclear if the elemental chests are more likely to spawn in certain locations (e.g., raid more than monster) - most people don’t report where their chest pops up, so it has been hard to build a convincing sample.

You can use only 3 skips in 24 hrs, for both chests, each CD is 8 hrs, so lets say you use 3 skips in a row. You get 1st skip back in 8 hrs, 2nd in 16 hrs and so on…

With skiping you can open 5 chests a day + titan chest every few days. So you get ellemental chest every 5-10 days. I got it as soon as 3 days and as long as 12 days

The gem cost is around 20 gems per day

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