How does mana creation by War Defense teams work?

I am the co-leader in the alliance Dannevirke. At the moment we are at war with a russian team. However, we all have a distinct feeling that the enemies teams create mana much faster than we do. Both our leader and I attackt teams of equal strength to us - but, we got knocked out before we had the chance to kill just one of the advisories. We have a distinct feeling that our alliance is playlng with a handicap where we create mana much slower than our current enemy - this is not fair and it makes us all quite frustrated. Is the game supposed to work like this. Other guys in here who has similar experiences?

I’m sure you’re aware that mana works completely differently for offense and defense from the time you’ve spent raiding. Are you saying that the mana gen you’re seeing is faster than you normally see raiding?

Also, what type of troops are you facing, at what level? Big mana troops markedly enhance the mana gain.


Yes, that is exactly what we are experiencing - mana gen of the enemies teams seen much faster than what we normally see.

We are all routined players and usually attack teams whom we think we can beat. But, in this war we have a distinct feeling that we are generating mana much slower than usual. It seems the game decided against us if you understand what I mean :slight_smile:

It’s easy to check if your mana generation is correct—just count tile drops and see if your heroes are charging when expected. (Surely you always count tiles…? If not, i’d suggest starting.) harder to figure out if defense is accelerated.


It’s not too bad actually. If they can give us mana speed, tile hits on hero, troop levels, and turns until mana full happens, we can run the numbers.

Well of cause we count tiles and that is why we get a feeling that we are up against other odds here. We won the last three wars in a row and the team we are up against now, should be a fair match. But, we all havd the feeling that we are up against a game algorythm, which now makes it harder for us to win because we won the last 3 wars. In other words we think the game makes it harder to win the more you win as a team. And we dont think that is fair.

This is the team our leader attacked with and the team he attacked and which smashed him very fast.

And Machiavelli is our leader - just for your info

Ok, so Average-Average-Average-Average-Fast, and the mana troops are pretty low level. This should have been a pretty routine fight.

Is there any way you can count tile hits and turns on your next fight, at least until the first time the enemy mana bars are full?

Exactly our thought.

We will count tiles and mana gen tomoorrow when we have fresh attack energy and I will report back.

Thanks and good evening


Thank you. Looking forward to seeing the numbers. Good luck with your war!

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And thank you too Garanwyn


Hello Garanwyn,

Our alliance leader Machiavelli attacked the enemy Hivernal this morning - I attach shots of the two teams. I would say Machiavellis team is the strongets. Not even the defenseunits of the enemy are strong. However the attack lasted for just 6 rounds and Machiavelli team was killed. My teamleader tells me that he succesfully managed to build tiles consisting of both 4 and 5 tiles. But, he did not even get the chsnce to gen mana to attack before the enemy finished him off. As mentioned yesterday, we beleive there is something wrong in the algorythm used, as it seems to get harder and harder to kill the enemies the more you have won yourself. And we all beleive this is also affectibg the outcome of the raids where we have similar observations.

Over to you.

Have you had the chance to look into this case?

@Petri the information here isn’t enough for me to calculate expected mana gain, but it sure looks like the fight should have lasted a lot more than 6 turns. Is there any chance someone from SG can take a look at this and offer an opinion on whether there’s a bug happening?

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Thanks Garanwyn :wink:
Much appreciated.

@Petri - have you got an idea about this one?

@Petri @Garanwyn can I expect some kind of response regarding this case? I need to get back to my team with some kind of response.

@GormDenGamle Developer responses on the forum are pretty sparse (and @Garanwyn is just a fellow player like you and me). It may be worth contacting Support directly if you haven’t already:

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Ah ok thanks - however I thought Petri was part of support as well?

But, thanks a lot for you kind response and help :slight_smile:

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