How does Lady Locke work?


How it works lady locke? Any suggestion?


Something like 40 damage in the first turn, 60 in the second, 90 in the third, … 300 in the 6th. The sum of damages over the 6 turns is 867 (or whatever number says on her card).


See “Special” description at the bottom of the card. What do you need explained? :slight_smile:


Some extra notes about Locke and other Direct Damage hero’s (e.g. Natalya, Morgan le Fay):

  • damage dealt increases BOTH with the special level and the hero’s ascension/level.
  • damage dealt is improved by troop effect
  • damage is not affected by any buffs or status ailments on either caster or target
  • if caster is blinded or has Wu Kong’s buff, there is a chance of missing the cast. Once it hits, though, subsequent rounds of damage are automatic
  • direct damage does NOT trigger counterattack from Perfect Riposte or Cleave and Counter.
  • Locke’s affect can be dispelled (antidote or special); Natalya’s cannot; Morgan’s cannot except by killing the caster.


Great post Kerridoc!

I have Lady Locke and the major issue is that her special takes 6 turns to unfold, the damage is higher as the turns progress and can be removed. Well, by the time you get to turn 3 or 4, it will likely have been removed (and the turns with the larger damage gone).

If they would allow for her special to be safeguarded through the 6 turns, then her value would be much greater.


So far I am not in love with Natalya, but that “not triggering Riposte” is pretty interesting. I don’t have her anywhere near ready to go yet, but tests in lower world levels have been underwhelming. I can’t decide if that’s better than Lancelot’s ability.


How would you feel if the damage took only 4 turns to complete, instead of 6?


Hi Kerridoc,

Yes, 4 turns would certainly be better than 6, and would make her special more…well…“special” (sorry, couldn’t resist)

One of the nice features of her special, is that each of the maximum 3 targets at a time get the full amount of damage over 6 turns and not just spilt up amongst them. Right now I have her special at level 3 (stated damage of 461). Each of the 3 targets will get 461 damage over 6 turns. Of course the actual damage she does will be increased by the attack stat of the related troop. In my case, she currently does 551 damage or a 20% bump.


You are missing on something, I like Natalya a lot, especially for raid attacks. It seems everyone dismisses her mana hindering skill. That’s what I use her for. Testing her in world levels will make you miss the mana portion. She makes a good difference on the Gorgon too.


LMAO…one beta tester to another.


Your wish has been granted! (We had seen this out in Beta earlier)


Lady Locke is a lot nastier now with the high tile damage and now the 4 turn burn on her special, plus you can still afflict 3 people…


Agreed, @sleeperZ96BT. I don’t have her and didn’t even bother trying last month; now I wish I did! If I see her on a raid now, I’m going to think hard about bringing Rigard or face nearly certain death for three heroes. Oh, that my Vivica was ready to go!

This change probably makes her better in titan attacks. Her insane tile damage will really hurt a blue titan, and with her special finishing up faster, it’s less likely that there will be conflicting casts.

Pro tip: cast Locke before casting Wu, to ensure that she won’t miss.


Think about events too…I don’t know how much damage the mobs take (there’s only 3 per), but a mana pot with a fire of her special and you’re gonna make quick work of them. And get a head start of the boss.


Thanks for the update Kerridoc! I am glad I hung onto Lady Locke (hanging onto Leo just in case he gets a nice bump in ability/stats but I digress :-)).


Don’t ever throw away your only copy of a 4* or 5*. Keep duplicates of decent ones. As this release shows, you never know when a frog will become a prince.


This change swapped my Locke from zero priority to having a place in my long-term training queue. She was my second ever 5*, but never previously seemed worth the resources to level while I had other nature heroes to work on. She’s still behind Alberich, Zeline, and Melendor and of my current green projects, but now is above Kashrek, Little John and Skittleskull for pre-shield leveling.
I’m still considering where Peters is on the list though - finish Melendor to 3/70 since he’s in early 3rd tier, or start from scratch with Peters and take him all the way to final ascension before returning to Mel. Oh well. Better to have many options than none, and this change makes Locke a more viable one.


I’d get Peters to 3/60 before making that call, personally. See what your team needs at the time.