How does khiona work with Wilbur?

Let’s say my spirit link is active and khiona is active in the middle, if an enemy hits one of my outside heroes and the damage is spread does that count as 3 hits towards her buff?

If any one of the spirit linked heroes are hit once,!its interpreted as all of them being hit and all receive the attack buff


What decorum said. If you go up against an AoE titan or hero and they fire their special while you have khiona and wilbur turned on, Khiona and her nearby allies get +20% attack for each shared hit. Up to 144% max.

As long as the special doesn’t dispell enemy buffs(Zeline for example).

Khiona Wilbur combo seems crazy
I am at a crossroads between Khiona and Victor, both at 3rd tier and growing, got the mats
She has the nods on titans and events
He is more of a defense hero right? You think he makes the top defense teams? Like zeline and gravemaker for example?

So if a titan hits one of my spirit link heroes buffed by khiona, does she buff for 20% once for the three heroes or is it considered 3 hits?

And if a titan hits a spirit link hero not buffed by khiona, does the shared damage my khiona buff heroes receive count towards her buff?

3 hits.

Small example.

you’ll need to go full screen since it’s hard to read mok-arrs stats.

Clip should answer both your questions.


Thanks much appreciated

Great example of the trio!

Khiona and wilbur just need to get married already. They really bring out the best in each other in every way.

I bet Wilbur fished out the legendary Mok-ar out of the ocean just to further satisfy Khiona’s wishes

Wow, I knew that combo of heroes worked in theory, but I’d never seen it in practice. That’s brutal.


This my purple raid team for taking out yellow tanks usually Guinevere

Oh and ghost girl rocks as ai targets her alot when she is ghosted wasting sniper/debuff skills from other team

And reason I have her between Gravemaker and Wilbur is ghost girl gets no link and since I have triple purple all ready I want to boost my red tile damage as much as I can

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