How does Crit chance work when color stacking?

Let’s say you have a team of 5 Yellow heroes.
I assume if one has %10 Crit chance while others have 0, each tile will have %10 chance to deal a critical blow.
But what about when they all have %10 Crit chance each? Is it the exact same effect? Still %10 for each tile?

What about if one has %14 while others each have %10, is it %14 Chance for each tile? %14 x %10 Chance? OR %14 x %10 x %10 x %10 x %10 chance?(Critical unless you miss 5 RNGs in a row?

Seriosly, it’s pretty obvious how it works on a rainbow team or any defending team. But I’m really confused about its effect while Color stacking.

Thanks in advance.

Bonus: Same question can be applied to Miss chance. Like if I have a Mono team, then, is it basically the same thing to have %30 Miss chance on 1/5 heroes or 5/5 heroes?? Help!

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Have a read here, particularly @zephyr1 's post just below the main guide.

Reply on that thread if you have more questions :slightly_smiling_face:


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