How does buying Resources with gems work?

Can someone explain how buying resources witb gems works. Please.

If I am buying a quantity equal to half my storage, is that on top of what I have in storage or does it max out at a total equal to half the storage?

They take the total amount of the storage that you can hold then subtract what you have. Then they take the total and half it for 50% see screenshot.

As you can see I have over half of the iron and the option to purchase 50% is there. It is considerably less than the cost to purchase food which my troops are constantly eating and are still hungry. They will never have full bellies. sigh

You can’t be my crazyexgf, they would never respond…but I digress.

Thanks. This is info I had not seen before. I get my resources foraging, but filling a million hams takes hella lotta flags.

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