How does Attack buffs specials work? Do they Stack?

Hi, I was wondering how does the attack buff specials work.

How does 5* special like Tarlak, Ares and Khiona interact with each other? Is it different from 4* like Boldtusk, Lancelot, Kiril and Wukong for example?


Currently, there are seven classes of attack buffs:

  • War Boost (the one a defense team gets when this war rule is in effect)
  • Gambler’s Stance (from Wu Kong)
  • Stackable Normal Damage (from Tarlak, but capped at +160% total)
  • Critical Hit Boost (from Gregorian and Ares’ crit boost)
  • Element Link (a slight boost to attack for similar elements when using Aeron, Alasie, Gravemaker, Gregorion, or Drake Fong)
  • Lagoon Family Bonus (using 2 or more unique Atlantis heroes from the Lagoon family gives them a slight attack boost)
  • Everything else (Boldtusk, Kiril, Ares’ attack boost, Khiona, etc)

The general rule is that buffs in the same group don’t stack (e.g. Boldtusk and Khiona don’t stack), but buffs in different groups do stack (e.g. Wu Kong stacks with Khiona). Note that while on paper Tarlak’s boost will stack, he also caps the total attack boost to +160%, meaning that a Wu Kong + Tarlak combination is actually weaker than using Wu Kong alone.

EDIT: Added Lagoon family bonus.



That is all.


The Lagoon Family bonus is a seventh type of attack buff that stacks with those you enumerated.


Forgot about that one! I added it to the list.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

How does Tarlak + Khiona work?
Khiona buffs all attacks while Tarlak buffs only normal attacks.
Would normal attacks be capped at 160% while special attacks wouldn’t be capped from Khiona’s special?

Also, If I use Khiona + Ares on flanks, only the center hero would be penalized right?

With Tarlak and Khiona you will start at +145% attack and hit the 160% cap after receiving one hit. Khiona’s special description will still show an increase above 60%, but if you look at the added value over the attack stat you will see that it is still capped at 160%.

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Where does a banner fall under? War boost?

Under “Everything else”.

Natalya and Lady Locke are DOT only specials. Which attack buffs if any stack?

So…Banners are thier own buff - They will stack with them all then? I am trying to figure out if Banners and Boldusk or Zimkitha boosts are cancelling each other out.

Yes, Boldtusk, Zim, and bear/dragon banners will each overwrite one another. All four give your heroes the same attack boost buff, though for different percentages and/or length of time.

so are you saying BT & Wu Kong stack up to +233% attack? and if you add Kirils 30% it goes up to +263%?

And Wilburs +63 plus Kirils 30% stacks up to +93% defence?
And Wilburs -44& plus Gormeks 34% stack to -78%?

mind blow if so.

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Yes, although Wu also brings -32% accuracy, so in practice the damage increase will be hampered by misses. But yes, they stack because they are different classes of buffs.

No, because Kiril and BT are in the same class, Kiril’s buff will overwrite BT’s buff. You’d get +215% attack.

All of those are in the same class of defense buffs/debuffs, so Kiril’s defense buff would overwrite Wilbur’s buff, and Gormek’s defense debuff would overwrite Wilbur’s debuff.

Regarding defense buffs/debuffs, they do stack with elemental defense buffs/debuffs like the ones from Guardian Jackal and Evelyn, which is what makes them so valuable against titans.


Thanks for the post, @lexinen! This month, we got Ranvir as HOTM, so which attack buff category does his special fall into? Is it a separate class of an attack buff?


@SelfemployedPanda This thread is very helpful for understanding which buffs exist, and how they stack: đź“‘ Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks - Dead topic see link in post #190

Mystic’s Virtue (Ranvir’s Buff) is equivalent to Gambler’s Stance (Wu Kong’s buff) for stacking purposes — one will overwrite the other, but they do stack with regular attack buffs.


Great, thanks for clarifying!

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