How does Alberichs special work

I just can’t put my finger on it…

Sometimes he just heals and does nothing special, then, when he nearly dies, he resurrects 2 other heroes causing great problems. Is it logical or is it just random?

Read him. He gives each dead ally 33% chance of revival and he heals and generates everybody mana for a few turns.

Except for the ones he just resurrected…they don’t get the MOT or HOT.

The worst part about Alberich is the resurrected heroes come back with the mana they died with.

So if you killed a hero with full mana, when Alberich resurrects them, they instantly fire off their special.

In my opinion, their mana should be reset to 23% (the same level as the HP)

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Yes, they do get the MoT and HoT buffs applied.

Only if they are positioned to the RIGHT of Alberich. Which is why Alberich should always be put in the left corner (or at tank, if you’re going to use him in that role).

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