How does adding emblems influence grade?

All heroes ( at least 4 and 5 star ) are rated somehow. Most known is Anchors. I’m starting from this rating.

Anchors has ratings from D (mediocre) to A+ on various points. There are things you can’t influence with emblems like speed and (most of the times) strength of special. What you CAN add is extra shield, attack and health.

Crit and/or mana can also be added.

What I like to know is what you think. If I got an A on flank will add shield get it to A+ ? Or from c to b… I suppose it works like this. Fully emblemed hero wins at least one grade on each influenced point.

I’d like to hear your comments :smile:

I would assume that since the grades compare heroes against their peers, if you add emblems to a certain hero, you would need to compare it against emblemmed peers. Of course some benefit more from emblems than others, take Delilah or Telluria tanks, or Drake and other monks. But I don’t think that it would change much in grading.

Best maybe prepare a suggested order of emblemming heroes in certain class… but I think I have seen it somewhere already, and it also depends on your roster. Maybe Zeline is worth wizard emblems more than JF, but if you already have Telluria on tank and want to avoid duping colors and don’t have any other red, then maybe that JF isn’t a worse choice in your current situation (spoiler alert: it probably is anyway).


You can give mana boost to the hero to reduce the level of mana troops needed. Increasing the attack value will increase the damage done by special attacks and DoT. Increasing the life value will increase the life of minions.

Grades refer to unemblemed heroes. Grades are mostly based on specials. Heroes get sturdier with emblems but as you said not changing their specials. I got a Sonya+20. Her base defense went up from like 750 to 905. She still makes not a great tank cause of her special.

So I would say in general “no” to give a higher rating to a hero just because of emblems. May be there are some exceptions.

It is a different story with costumes…but that’s why they get a seperate rating.


it’s a good point - probably would take a ton of work regrading every hero on their maxed emblems for the defense, hp, attack or blended routes. But could be interesting to see how the grades change.

that said, if every hero had been graded on every emblem track to date, with all the dot hotms and hp based minion summoners coming out, the hp emblem track which was very out of fashion on this forum would probably need to be regraded at this point :rofl:

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