How does a "sister alliance" work?

Maybe someone who has experience with this can explain it? Suppose there’s a main (stronger) alliance and the secondary (weaker) alliance. What’s in it for both sides? Is the weaker alliance a recruitment pool, maybe a place to crash for temporarily inactive players from the main one? But how does this benefit the weaker one? Why would an alliance want to be allied with a stronger alliance? Would this be motivated by the possibility for the players from the weaker alliance to join the stronger alliance if somebody leaves and they get an opening?

I can think of lots of reasons, but most of them are intangible.

  1. Shared chat (line or discord) is a great place for newer players in the weaker alliance to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to become more skilled players.
  2. A ready pool of potential helpers to help take down a rare titan.
  3. A pool of replacements that already understand how the parent alliance operates
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@Teyla you touched on the gist of it. From the perspective of someone who helps to manage a group of allied alliances, here is what I see as the benefits:

  • You have a dedicated farming system that offers players a good way to move up to new challenges, once they feel that they have ‘outgrown’ their training alliance. Whereas in other cases these players may be lost entirely, by having a tiered family of alliances you can retain your people in the overall group
  • Recruiting is easier for a group than it is for one. I myself do a chunk of the work for our 6 groups, and a lot of effort is focused on replenishing the ranks of our up-and-coming alliances as they send players up the tiers. No one alliance in the family is left hungry for long, and we can always funnel players around if some emergency support is needed, say for a rare titan or such
  • It’s easier to accomodate merges. Say for instance you have an alliance 25/30 strong but you have an opportunity to bring in 8 really good players from another alliance. What do you do?
    Boot some of your weaker players? Let the opportunity pass? In our case, we just shuffle people around to the sister alliances to make room, and everyone is happy.
  • You have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. Many of these grouped alliances share out-of-game chats on LINE or Discord, which can connect you to hundreds of other players should you need help…or if you just want to shoot the **** :joy:

But the number one reason for having this system is stability, which I think would be exemplified by all of the above points. We’re at a time in this game where a lot of the more experienced players are either drawing back or departing entirely due to burnout, so I believe it’s a good setup to counterbalance the ebbs and flows of the player population.


I am in the same Armada as Lurker. In additiona to Lurkers post I made following experiance:

When our alliance was growing there was always the point that weaker players never had the opportunity to get an A or B titan loot. Normal as the veterans keep getting stronger. Not really a comfotable situation for them as the gap always stays the same.
On the other hand the Veterans cannot kill stronger Titans without other members beeing as strong as they are.
So both parties got benefit if strong players move over the flag ship to kill stronger titans and weaker players from flag ship move to the other alliance. Now the players formally only got C loot or worse, get much better loots on titan.
See the tactic?

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@Lurker covered most of the reasons very well. On the point of helping each other learn and grow, you can raid members of your sister alliance(s) and share video with them. Not only is this very entertaining, but provides insight into ways to improve defensive teams as well as offensive strategy.


I know this an old post but hey it’s on topic.

As a leader now for over 12 months and always full but with players taking holidays, having some tgat don’t partake in AW’s I feel it’s time to look into a sister allience but I do have a couple of questions though first to do with chests.

If your in the middle of a War chest and you change allience, do you lose that war chest reward or does it carry over?
Same goes with coming back i to the original allience, do you take over from where you left off or start anew again.

I guess the same questions apply to the titan chest as well.

My thinking is if you lose out on partially filled chests everytime your skipped around it would really annoy and upset players which would make me think a Sister Allience wouldn’t be such a good or fair option.

Anyone with one know? Please.

Moving this to #general-discussion, since it’s not exactly a gameplay question, and it’s definitely not a bug.

With respect to the war chest question:

  • the war chest is bound to the alliance, not to you, so it doesn’t move with you
  • if you fight a war in a new alliance you lose your war chest participation in your old alliance
  • if you miss a war by being absent for whatever reason, you get no participation for that war, but as long as you didn’t fight anywhere else, you don’t lose already accumulated participation in the current war chest

Titan chest moves with you. But there’s a cooldown period every time you switch alliance (you don’t lose anything, but you can’t gain kills during the cooldown either)

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Did realise it was under bugs, I just did a search for sister alliences and that one came up.

But if you don’t fight a war in the sister alliance and return to the old you don’t lose your war chest then, CORRECT?

Yea that’s without leaving the alliance, knew that.

How is that cooldown period please.

Thanks for the responses, it’s been a great help.


That’s correct as I understand it. Just remember that your participation score will fall, because the war points that happened while you were gone will go in as zeros for your participation.

12h cooldown, with a 20h “reduced loot on titan kill” timer attached to the last time a titan was killed, as near as we can tell (the mechanic is not 100% clear, but this is what we have inferred). Also, you have to be in an alliance when a titan spawns to get emblems or the bonus mat roll on a rare titan.

You’re very welcome! Good luck figuring out an arrangement that works for your alliance.


Between updates

In all the MMO games I play this is my favorite reason.

Before Line/ Discord it was also a way to keep in touch with Elder player that would rush through an update then quit until the next update. Or with Empires between rage quits.

Real life family and friends

I play many mobile games with real life family and friends ( wife, mom, BFF, wedding party, college roommates, etc. )

Mom is not as hardcore as my wife, and I. Some friends have a larger Empires IAP budget than others.

Groups of alliances allow people to be in different alliances based on their play style, but occasionally help out friends, and family, by temporarily switching alliances.

Friends invite

Friends invite makes Alliance groups even more useful since new accounts can feel discouraged trying to fight high level titans.


Because of the way war matchmaking works, rarity of 5* heroes, and rarity of 4* ascension items, my alliance wins more wars when I opt out. Since I do not need the loot, this benefits my alliance more.

Splitting teammates between multiple alliances can drastically improve war loot. You can guarantee a 100% war win rate. But most people will settle for fighting titans, and war normally, but splitting into war opt in and war opt out alliances in the same group.


Convincing someone to run a group of alliances is often a good way to kill them without being arrested for murder. For any law enforcement reading this, I am totally joking. See. Joking face. :money_mouth_face:


Ha ha. Good one.

Strike team, prep to breach on my mark…


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