How do you use DU Recorder to post videos on the forum and Line?

How does DU Recorder work? Meaning, do I have to upload videos to YouTube and then post link? Or, do I just record and can post the file on the forum, or on Line, etc?

And for technology fearing tinfoil hat wearers, how much access does the app have to my phone beyond its screen recording capabilities?

(Looked for thread on DU Recorder, and couldn’t find one. Mods, please merge if it’s out there)

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Many in our alliance use it, and it’s pretty easy to learn and understand. You don’t have to upload to YouTube. You can share right from your phone.

We have fun with it, recording battles and raids and sharing on Line, good learning tool so others can see how certain teams might work against others.

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there is a channel on youtube owned by durecorder

Once you get the recording going and you are at the end of what you were wanting to record you simply stop the recording. When you do, a little window appears with a ‘preview’ of the video you just recorded. You have the option to share or delete the video at that time. Click on share, which opens another window with all your share options. I have found it easiest to ‘save to my photos’ from that screen. You have many options though, share to messenger, share via email, etc. Pick the option that works best for your technical know-how. Once it is uploaded to your phone though, you can share it like any other video and always have it at the ready. If you do not upload the video to your phone, it will be sitting in a folder you will more than likely have a hard time locating. Be sure to upload to your photos as soon as you finish the recording, that’s the easiest way from my experiences.


Du recorder has gone to a subscription model. Lame

BOO!!! Is there a dislike button? We use it all the time, is there still a free option? We record war and raid battles, also to share rosters on Line for teaching and help with lineups etc.

If is going to all pay/subscription, does anyone know of a good alternative?

I think it would be a smart idea for anyone that plays this game to use DU Recorder. Before you attack an enemy in the war start recording. It will be 100% proof of what happens when there is a glitch or a bug. Plus it will also help other players to use different strategies. Just an idea… leave a comment tell me what you think.

Hi, I’m a new user here. I’m not sure whether it’s the right place to ask this, but I really would like to know any reliable phone recorder I can use to post videos on YouTube. I installed Joyoshare Screen Recorder on my computer. It can record videos in 1080P, but I prefer to have one on my phone so that I could post videos directly even without computer. Is DU easy-to-use? I didn’t find the answer to whether it can record and post videos on YouTube in a direct way.

Yeah. DU Recorder is easy to use. You can record raid and war his and poat in your Line group chat. You can also upload the file to YouTube.

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