How do you think a 6th hero element type would change the game?

Hypothetical question… I was curious, how do y’all think the meta game would be changed if empires and puzzles suddenly unveiled a 6th hero type? Maybe it is lightning or ground element or maybe a technology futuristic type? Idk about what type they would make… but how do you think it would change people’s strategies if you still could only pick 5 heroes to be on your team?

Pros: I feel like it could create a lot more room for creativity in teams considering that one type will always be left out. What do y’all think these strategies would be? Also, it would hopefully lead to a bunch of cool new heroes with new abilities!

Cons: The really only negative aspect I can imagine would be that there would always be some color tile on the board that you couldn’t use.

Would you like this to happen? Yes, no, maybe so? Tell me! I’m super bored atm and would love to discuss this with people :smiley:

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What do you mean?
A 6th element?
And 5 slots.
Nice idea.

Exactly that! How do you think the meta game would change with 6 elements and 5 slots compared to the current 5 elements and 5 slots? Would be something people would like or would it immediately be hated and game ruining

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Only additions I can think of currently are:

  • a Grey color Hero whose Mana can be regenerated by any shield of any color, but a third as fast as a Hero of one of the ‘base’ Elements for balance, or
  • dual-typed Heroes whose Mana can be regenerated by shields of their two colors, but half as fast as a single-element Hero, again for balance.

Reminds me a lot of “artifacts” and “colorless” mana in Magic: The Gathering.

Let’s do it SG. Gold (multicolor cards) and artifacts!


Could be an interesting way to make duplicates interesting …

Combine cards, one of each color and the same *, for a shot at a specialized summon token for a dark grey card


If we add a new colour of tiles it’s gonna be a problem with getting matches and combos on the board.

Would be better if it’s just a new colour hero that can use existing tiles, like @KalosianPorygon suggested. I think damage/tile needs to be lower too since multycolour heroes could do tile damage with different tiles.

Then there’s the question about troops. Would there be new set of troops for the hero or can he use existing troops?

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I think gray could use any troop and any ascension material.

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What about a random (shielded) rainbow card? You don’t know what effect you’re fighting against; it could be any of the five, but you have to fight it to know.

2x against effect
1/2x against

This match it’s a yellow card, next match it’s a red. You never know due to the rainbow effect. :wink:

That would be a nice and new special skill: the caster changes its color to the strong one against the target (if the target is red, it becomes blue for example).
Together with some other ‘normal’ effect like damage, buff or debuff would be quite interesting to have, especially for wars.

Edit to get back into topic. I don’t think that adding a new color would be a smart move after the game is so advanced but there are so many ways to go around that like, for example:

  • Double color hero: can use a troop of any of the 2 colors. It becomes the color of the troop
  • Rainbow hero: can use a troop of any color. It becomes the color of the troop
  • Colorless hero: can’t use any troop. It contributes to the tile damage of any color with 1/5 of its attack power.
  • Color changing hero: it changes its color every time it fires its special skill

A little off topic… But this would kill the game for me. The grind is brutal enough without a sixth color to level. I would retire immediately.

I like the idea about a rainbow card. But with solid rainbow stones so they can match any color.
Of course such a card should be very rare.

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MTG good game… I was once a player . Planescape version.

But it would be a different approach to heroes , more versatility.
OP -. Currently each element balances the other so a neutral colour would be neutral to all ( no advantage/disadvantages?)
May be a challenge against titans

A 6th color would unbalance the game that was made with 5 colors in mind, Now a colorless hero that you can set a color too might be fun. Assign a troop to it and become that color, change the troop and change the color. That could be very fun.


Omg guyz!! What if like… we made like… some neon heroz!!1! And they did stuff like… 172.8% damage to two colors but -12.6% vs the other 3??? Dey’d be soooo cool!!


cough cough

/passes to te left


@FroggyRay what if combination of two card? what would be like, there combined skill, power, strngth etc… oowww how they look like…(just my weird imagination )

How about a trap card? Or a blue eyes white dragon?

Well that was embarrassing to read

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I felt the same way when I opened up the post.

A 6th color or the board would be mathematical havoc and fundamentally change the game… for the worse. Say goodbye to big combos, and hello to having fewer possible moves.

I mean… you want SG to redesign their game because why? To make it more complicated? That’s silly. They can just keep bringing heroes in for the colors they have and they don’t have to reprogram the game.

It’s a thought… but it’s WAY out there. WAY WAY out there… it’s not hard to see the direction they’re going and this novel idea isn’t suddenly going to make them more money so why bother? And if it was set up to, it would alienate every f2p and c2p player in the game.

“Gonna be a no for me dog…”

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Is anything known of a possible sixth element in the game? For example ground element.

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