How do you test for the Hero Grading list

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Like to know how do you test for the hero grading list. Especially when 5 seasonal 5* 5 seasonal 4 * and 5 seasonal 3* are released at the same time AND a new HOTM comes at the same time.

You must have a min. set of tests… You must level all heroes… You test at all the positions? And yet you already have some results.

Can you describe what you do? Just being curious.

For instance if no one gets Heimdall how do you test him? Or is there always a certain amount of heroes?

Good question I guess everyone from beta still has to summon said heros but they still maxed.
With long game play and using heros with other heros who works with who they get a feel to it. :woman_shrugging:

@Anchor has a youTube video where, in this case, he is discussing Vela and puts in a preliminary assessment based on regular play and explains his reasons for that (and says “I can’t fill in the Titan grade yet because I haven’t played it”. Titan Mafia members also take part in grading heroes so it ends up being a bulk assessment.

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@VFROOD I am probably not the best to describe the process.
Some grades are mathematically calculated. Others are more subjective.
We are 20 people in the grading group discussing those. Many are beta players, but not grading before having some real game experience with heroes, not only personally but catching up on the opinions from players on forum, game and other game chats. That is why S3 heroes grades are not out yet but coming very soon.
Obviously not all of us are having all the heroes ourselves and then especially for some of the more specific grades have to lean on those who does, the known stat/skills and bonuses and public opinions we know of.
Some grades are adjusted over time, when getting more experience with some heroes, realizing that the initiate grade have to be tuned either up or down a bit as some heroes shows to be either better or worse on something than they at first impressions seemed to be.


A lot of the testers come from Beta, a lot of these players have played with the heroes themselves at maxed levels. I’m also in beta and have full access to play with them.

I’m not married to any grade and see it as a way to hivemind and come up with a collective agreement from some of the top players in the world. Stuff changes, I’m wrong about some stuff, I’m right about some stuff. But i look at it as an evolving body of content that should be adjusted frequently as things come up.

The math part was super important and with massive help from @ElThamer we were able to come up with some very complicated formulas to give a grade based on numbers.

Thanks for the support!


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