How do you solve the mystery of Atlantis and claim the Mission Rewards?

I have just finished level 18 in season 2, easy mode. I see there are 24 levels, but some members from my Alliance say there are going to be new levels in about 3 weeks. My question is what do you have to do to solve the mystery of Atlantis?..

I am quite sure there will be 27 stages, since there are several hints pointing towards it:
(1) In your player profile you should see a maximum of 270 points which can be earned by completing the Atlantis hard mode. You gain one point for each completed level and each stage so far have had 10 levels.
(2) There are 3 season 2 hero families, each with 3 5* heroes. Each family has been featured for 3 Atlantis cycles so far.
(3) You can see Atlantis rising up from the water as the story progresses. I would bet that the remaining 3 stages will show up there.

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still didn’t understand what I have to do to solve the mystery of Atlantis in the missions :confused:

I think only SG knows that at the moment. We mere mortals should wait for two more Atlantis cycles to see.

Probably wait till all Atlantis levels are open, beat the last level and you will be able to pick up the reward

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ok, I thought some people have already taken that reward. Now I get it.

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