How do you record raids for YouTube with Android?

Sorry to say that I don’t know much about the recording raids for YouTube with Android. But I can share my experience on recording audios from YouTube on computer.
I get an AudFree Audio Capture as a new-year gift to record all kinds of audios from streaming music and videos, including YouTube. Besides, it also is a video converter so that I can record YouTube audio to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.
As you’d like to record audio on Android, you can transfer recorded audios to your Android phone.

I recently downloaded the XRecorder app from the Play Store for free. I have no regrets.


I’m using HuaWei and it has an built-in screen recorder. Maybe you could try to find it. Though actually I usually use Windows screen recorder to record youtube videos with high quality. Recorded files can be saved into the folder I preferred on my computer. It is convenient as well. You could give it a shot if you want.

Why the internal screen recorder of my Huawei P30 cannot record the internal audio with screen movement… It makes me finally move on to my Windows 10 to download YouTube video with savefrom. When encountering my favorite live events, I use my RecMaster screen recorder to accomplish the video or audio capture.

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Does this also show your person on the video? When I have tried to use that there is a circle of me in it. No thanks, lol.

It will pop up with a video of you and sound enabled, however there are some little circles surrounding the big one with your picture on it. If you tap the little circle with a video icon and the little circle with the mic icon you can disable them, so it will only show your phone screen in the video.

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Thank you kindly. I think that may work. Getting my courage up to share my battles is another story, lol. Blessings.

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I will either use the inbuilt screen recorder on my phone or open YouTube on Mac and then use Joyoshare Screen Recorder to record screen with audio in 1080p at 60fps.

If it is Samsung there is a feature called Game Tools that allow recording.

Everything is much easier you can use screen recording or special software.

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