How do you record raids for YouTube with Android?

I was watching some raids on YouTube made by IOS. How do I record raids for YouTube with Android?

Some android phones have a built in recording app. Most of the time you activate that by pressing the power of button and volume up button at the same time. If your device don’t have a built in recroding app i would suggest downloading DU screen recorder. It’s a very userfriendly free recording app that will get you started in no time :slight_smile:


hi DU screen recorder is no longer inside google playstore. i tried using mobizen, super screen recorder but they all messed up badly, only can record like 1 or 2 videos before it keeps giving unknown error when u try to playback or share it. what are u guys using pls?

I just asked this same question on the FB group for the game. After playing for over a year I finally want to record some things. If there is nothing built in, try looking for screen recorded in the store. Mobizen I have seen in many videos but since that doesn’t work for you, I suggest just looking in the store. The iOS seems to have it built in. I use android so I am looking for something as well. I can take screenshots with an app or just by using the volume down and power button at same time. I will try the up/power thing to see if that works. If not I am going to look for an app. If I find a good one I will post it. If you get one, please post if it is any good. Thanks.

My phone allows to do it without any external app. DU recorder if you can’t

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In addition to the good options already mentioned, Google has a built in screen recorder that is on most Android phones, it is built into the app “Play Games”.

Within that app go to the empires and puzzles page and a video icon will be on the top right.


Depends on the brand of phone and version of Android. My last LG phone had a video recorded and a thing called MiraCast which let you send your screen to another device. This newer one doesn’t have anything but screen capture built in. I just downloaded Mobizen.I will take a look at DU recorder as well. Most stuff I do on my PC. I also was thinking of trying Bluestacks, the emulator that lets you run android games on the PC. I know some use it but moving the mouse during titan fights can be a pain if trying for speed. If you are trying to use mana tubes it can really slow you down. I will try to update the recorded post once I try Mob and if I get it I will try DU as well…

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I have a Galaxy. I swipe up from the bottom while using the game and click on the icon in the lower left corner.

Edit: This tool is only available for Samsung phones.


I use AZ Screen Recorder. For me, it does the job good enough…


I recommend AZ screen recorder as well, easy to use tool, does the job just fine.


I’d recommend screencam it’s open source and can be found on fdroid also. Optional it has a magisk module which allows internal sound mixing recording

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AZ Screen Recorder

Edit and Sound
In Shot

Crop for mobile screen
AZ Video Editor

These 3 are all free (with ads) and will provide an excellent workflow.

You’ll just need some cool music on your phone, with InShot you can mix tracks, double up or halfen the speed and adjust the battlesound volume to the music.

In the end one has the possibility of a direct YouTube upload with AZ Editor.

When used like this, all ads and app logos are cropped away.

Here’s an example of a trial boss battle.


I just downloads mobizen simple to use seems to work fine. I might try du just to compare.


thanks guys/gals. i maanged to find AZ screen recorder through techradar recommendation & so far it works well, it even stores in its own directory instead of sd card or internal memory


Thankyou everyone for your suggestions :hugs:

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So far, no recorder works on my tablet. AZ recorder is worst of them. The bubble doesn’t remain on screen after start recording (as DU Recorder) and stops working anyway within 1 minute or less. It seems every single recorder I tried, stops working only with E&P. The only recorder had worked perfectly, was DU Recorder, but I had to give up at old tablet and now I cannot find another good recorder. I will make a last try and install Mobizen.

P.S. I was forced to use my phone to record the last stages at events, because has the own video recorder.

You can try using Game Launcher.

It seems no recorder is able to work with E&P on a Huawei tablet. I tried everything. I have a lot of space, but E&P shuts down any recorder. It works no more than 20-30 seconds.

You could record audio from YouTube by a TunesKit Audio Capture which can record all audio from YouTube or by a TunesKit Screen Recorder which can record any audio and video from YouTube. See more at [OFFICIAL] TunesKit Audio Capture for Windows - Record Any Sound Played on PC, Best Streaming Music Capture.

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Try using for this purpose. I’m sure it’ll help. I’ve recently started recording my gameplay, the soft does a great job.

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