How do you rate my Titan teams?

Down below is usually my most common layout of hero’s against titans.

Green Titan - Wu Kong, boldtusk, tiburtus, Natalya, gravemaker

Blue Titan - Wu Kong, Kiril, Tibertus, Lianna, Caedom

Red Titan - Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Grimm, Magni, Alasie

Yellow Titan - Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Tibertus, Hell, Sartana

Purple Titan - Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Grimm, Musashi, Drake Fong

  • What improvements could be made?
  • Are there other hero’s I should be using that offer more benefits overall?

I don’t have all hero’s, but I would love to know what others hero’s I should be using so I can set myself a goal of achieving the best possible dream teams.


I am assuming you don’t have Tarlak, if you do then he is better than Wu.

What other heroes do you have? Kinda hard to help without knowing.

Wilbur is amazing if you have him… much better than Tib, Grimm or Gormek

Do you have any color defense down heroes? Those are a must if you have them

It would be extremely useful to see your other heroes as well. Working with the ones you have already posted I would say for a Red titan might as well go Wu Kiril Grimm Magni Alasie instead of using Boldtusk.

@DMP could you give us a layout of what hero’s you use for your teams?

Sure my red team is pretty bad though so my weakest are green titans.

Purple - Isarnia Gretel Delilah Drake Wu Kong + Dragon Banners
Yellow - Tiburtus Khiona Merlin Rigard Tarlak
Red - Kiril Grimm Sonya Isarnia Wu Kong
Blue - Isarnia Lianna Gretel Melendor Tarlak + Dragon Banners
Green - Boldtusk Tiburtus Scarlett Colen Tarlak

EDIT: Mana controllers like Merlin, Hansel, and Gretel are great because they block the titan special animation from going off and saves you precious time.

Wilbur and the elemental debuff heroes are also great to have for more damage but unfortunately I don’t have any of them.

For now replace for sure Bold with Kiril on red titans.

Then as other said tell us what’s your complete deck.