How do you prefer to sort your heroes in your roster?

How does everyone sort their heroes in their ROSTER?

Aside from your defense team, do you sort by colour for colour stacking? Or, do you sort by power?


I like to see them in order of strength, but i also like the new option for classes…

I’d like it to be possible to be able to see in all sortings the teams split up in loose heroes. Now i first see my 5 teams and i can see them other ways. So i’d like to see added an optional ONLY seeing the heroes in strength and not all the teams.

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I’m trying to decide if, (aside from my defense team), I should sort them into their own colours to make it easier to grab them for quick colour stacking in war?

I have extra team slots so I could keep my defense team and titan team separate. I’m debating whether it’s worth it to get another team slot.

You shouldn’t do quick stacking in war. Look carefully at your opponent and decide which colours to use and how to stack them. :smiley:


By color, because it makes finding the right 10 feeders for each leveling hero much easier.


I have 8 team slots at this point. I have them arranged as follows:

  1. Leveling up. These are the heroes and troops I’m currently working on.
    2-6 Monochrome teams of each color for stacking in raids. I can swap Wu in for titans as needed.
  2. Farming team. I use this if my team in progress isn’t strong enough to autofarm the level Im grinding.
  3. Defense team. I keep this in the last slot so im less likely to accidentally change it.

The rest of my heroes are arranged by color


That’s really clever! I’m stealing this idea approximately…now.


That’s actually what I’m trying to achieve. Right now I’ve got them sorted into rainbows according to power but this last war I really got into colour stacking. I’m a neat freak and it bothered me having to look all over for another red, for instance.

Thanks everyone. I’m going to experiment this next war with having them pre-sorted mono colours and, if I like it, I’m going to buy that 10th team slot (now that the last update finally fixed my team slot bug)!

I sort by element when leveling and by power when raiding. I only have the basic 5 team slots.

  1. Farmers
  2. Raid/Rare Quest/Map Advancement
  3. Titan
  4. Feed me
  5. Defense
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1 defense
2 leveling
5 titan

When there is a quest I’ll set a team for that, but otherwise I have them sorted by color.

I picked up a few team slots early. It saves a ton of time. I’ve got: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, quest, titan, defense.
Flip back and forth between sort by element/power when feeding. One of these days might spring for a team slot for leveling.

I sort them by power when picking teams or leveling and by color when I have to chose the nextvhero to level in X element.

Feeders are easier to be found on the bottom and this help me saving time when I have to feed more heroes than one element.

Color. Too OCD for mixing my pallete.

Right now by attack team power…but you guys are giving me ideas. I’m surprised that SG hasn’t put sort options into the game as it would be really easy to implement…

Great idea on leveling “team”…still learning from forums…Thanks

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This is exactly how I’m going to sort mine!

Just have the original 5 teams /shrug. Otherwise I sort by color for finding feeders by colors

Teams are

  1. Map progression
  2. Leveling
  3. Raid
  4. Current titan
  5. Defense

I do wish there was a sort toggle that allowed you to incorporate team membership at the top (ie sort by color/power/etc) or not (ie current class sort mechanic)

Darn you guys for changing how I organize my teams. RUDE!

@Kikyo I now have a team called “Leveling”. Thanks for the idea!

I have two primary teams that I prefer to use, so I made those #1 and #2

  1. Evelyn and my green bruiser squad
  2. Boldtusk and his bros.
  3. Leveling
  4. Titan
  5. Defense

I follow similar setup but only have 5 lineups. I think I’ll swap lvling to top, makes it easier after seeing your setup.