How do you match Alliances for aid

How The Alliance we are facing has 13 out of 23 members with a team power of 3000 all the way to 3700. We have 4 members with a team power 3000 or above and they get the aid. I know the trophies and titans score doesn’t count but there at 75000 and we are at 59000. I don’t get this at all!!!

Enemy Aid is the name of the rule for the war. When we get it, every defender gets the same healing boost instead of the arrows, for both sides.

Matching is a whole different issue, and still clearly a work in progress.

I don’t understand, if you get the aid it’s purpose to go to the weaker team and clearly we are the weaker team

If both sides get it, then why doesn’t put a arrow underneath our alliance and say we get it. There’s nothing in the rules for aid that says both sides get it.

There was nothing I saw which said that the arrows were for both teams either, but they were. It’s a matter of fairness - we have the the same rules for each side.

When you attack, your enemy is the defender, so they get Aid.

When they attack you, you are their Enemy, so you get Aid.

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But if you click on the arrow it said: this team gets the aid, so this team means them not us. If we both get aid the wouldn’t have and arrow stating they get the aid. Plus with the arrows there was never anything stating you get, it stating it in the rule of war.

And in their war menu, they see a plus sign with a note saying that your alliance gets the aid.

both teams get the aid, YOU don’t see your aid because you aren’t playing the defender. When someone attacks your war defense team, then your team gets the aid for being the defender. It’s not a handicap for either alliance, it is a boost for the defending team, just like the arrows were.

I get it now, now I just have to convince my alliance that we get the aid to. Now theirs been talk about going off of War teams instead of rosters would you follow members agree to that way of matching up Alliances?

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