How do you level your troops?

With 5 epic troops per color, what is your gameplan in leveling them up? Do you go all in and max 1 to level 30 or do you bring 5 up together at the same time? Just curious…

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Depends on oh so many factors like attack strategy employed, availability of the desired troops, food and feeder troops consideration, mana speed of heroes, etc.

I am a mono player and I am working on to have all 5 of my mana troops per element to at least level 11.


My first priority was to get a 4* troop in each colour to lvl.25 for my defence team.
Then I levelled 5 troops per colour 2* to lvl.6
Then 5 troops per colour 3* to lvl.9
And now working on getting remaining 4* troops to lvl.11 … working one of each colour at a time

Edit … I play mono


My leveling troop strategy is similiar to @Guvnor .

Because of VF War, this mana troop is so significant, but playstyle 3-2 or 2-2-1 is best IMO. So I would focus on 3x mana troop 1st.
Here is some breakdown mana.

Level 1:

  • Very Fast: Class 20 or Costume
  • Avarage: Class + Costume
  • Slow: Costume (not significant because it is 11 tiles from 12)
  • Very Slow: not significant because it is 13 tiles from 14

Level 5:

  • Very Fast: Class
  • Avarage: Costume
  • Slow: Class 20 (not significant because it is 11 tiles from 12)

Level 11:

  • Very Fast
  • Avarage: Class 20
  • Slow: Class (not significant because it is 11 tiles from 12)
  • Very Slow: Class 20 or Costume (12 tiles)

Level 17:

  • Fast: Class 20 or Costume (not significant because it is 7 tiles from 8)
  • Avarage: Class
  • Slow: not significant because it is 11 tiles from 12
  • Very Slow: Class (12 tiles)

So, I would focus only Lvl 1, 5, 11 and 17.
Level 5 specially for Avarage Costume and Very Fast + Class.
Level 11 is for Very Fast and Avarage + Class 20.
Level 17 for Avarage + Class.

If I’m new player here is my strategy:

Step 1:

  • Mana #1 Lvl 11
  • Mana #2 Lvl 5
  • Mana #3 Lvl 5

Step 2:

  • Mana #1 Lvl 17
  • Mana #2 Lvl 11
  • Mana #3 Lvl 11

Step 3:

  • Mana #1 Lvl 23
  • Mana #2 Lvl 11
  • Mana #3 Lvl 11

Next step is either continue Mana #1 or Mana #2 to lvl 17 depend on needs and heroes avalaible.


This a good guide too.


I don’t…

I’ve absolutely no purple, yellow, green or blue feeder troops. Been like this for a very long time :zipper_mouth_face:

An advice apart form the question to which level you level the troops: use 1+ feeders first, than 2* etc. Plan carefully how far you go with 1* before you switch to 2* and so on. Trust me, you will be very thankful when you reach upper levels and saved those 2* and 3* feeders.
I went all the way to lvl 17 with 1* (:roll_eyes:), then to 23/24/25 with 2* and from there till the end with 3*. It can be easily calculated how far your troops need to be to get to the end with saved 3*. But no matter what’s your tactic, troops require a lot of patience and way more food… :crazy_face:

Leveling troops is ugly bussiness… in three years of daily grinding I managed to get a set of troops to lvl 24 - 28 (mostly crit, because mana troops were unavailable for about two years) a second set of mana troops to lvl 11 - 15 (this set gets all the love at this point). Currently I’m trying to get troop three to lvl. 11 in the colors where two very fast cards are available, but the process is painfully slow… At this rate, I don’t think I’ll be around long enough to see my mana troops get to lvl 30… I wonder how much did players that have two sets of lvl 30 troops spend on feeders… insane…

Oh, that’s a good point! I think that you don’t need to spend a fortune on feeder troops at all. All it needs is time and discipline (and of course 1* and 2* feeder troops, which come from regular farming). Slow down leveling heroes you wouldn’t hardly ever use and use the ham for troops instead. In addition to that, as written before, plan carefully which feeders to save for later. :wink:
I manage to complete a set of lvl 30 troops and apart from a single ten pull years ago, never spent diamonds in the troop summon portal.

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Your theory is partly true, but sterile. Feeding troops in an orderly gradual fashion will help you cut back on food, but does nothing in terms of xp. In my case, it doesn’t help at all. I’m not missing food, I have 2xTC 20 queued for hundreds of days and my storages are almost always full. Sometimes I’m having trouble getting the recruits needed to store the overflowing food in TC 20… Anyway, when it comes to troop leveling, I’m always low on feeders, never experienced food shortage. So I don’t pay much thought to the order I do the feeding. I just feed them away as soon as they come. Not as food efficient as your method, but the results are the same. Trouble is I never seem to be able to get a steady supply of feeders, no matter how hard I farm.

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That’s why i said ‘regular farming’ - I’ll probably never get rid of all those feeder troops. :crazy_face: I’m always short on ham, no matter how economically I handle it… :frowning:

That’s where trading would come in handy… not heroes trading, but resource. I’d more than happy provide your needed food if you traded feeders in return.

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I tend to focus on the mana troop for my strongest hero. After that, I bring the rest up equally. Although, I will say that the blue mana troop has proven to be my Moby ■■■■ in this game as it has proven to be very elusive :frowning: .

I level my troops every other month, shortly after ninja tower (when I use all my epic troop tokens).

During that time, I save my iron in Hero Academy level 6 (rare troops) - collecting them after my ninja troop summons.

I also try and save up food prior to Ninja event,

So my cadence is every 2 months… I got a bunch of troops from summons x hero academy … and spend a week or so leveling troops mostly.


HA now producing 2* and 3* troops, maybe back to lvl 10 when costumes are added.

Troops: Early days the 4* troop available was getting fed. In some cases mana troops came very late so the crit troops are at a decent level.


  1. Have troops to support mana break points on my main heroes,
  2. Have “optimal” troop under my war tank.

I usually raid 3-2 so want three troops that add value, needs vary by color.
At a minimum want all mana troops to be level 11. Very fast heroes have the mana break with no additional help. Average heroes with costume or +4 mana from emblems also have the break here so critical point to reach (well lower will do but aiming for helping the V Fast mana with no bonus, helps with rush events).
In all color except blue next objective was a level 23 mana troop so that excellent Average speed heroes can catch the mana break with no additional boosts (key for war where average mana heroes with few or no emblems often battle).
Blue the objective was two level 17 mana troops because Athena and Frida are both average mana and with the +2% from emblems that is the break point.

War: We ran Dark tanks for a very, very long time so I brought a dark crit troop up to lvl 21 or so because the extra survivability was key and the mana breaks tended to be of little importance. Will eventually want strong crit troops in each color.

Current status: 2nd mana troops are being moved towards lvl 17 (blue, #1 troop towards lvl 23). 3rd mana troops are all at lvl 11.

Eventual goal:

  • Mana troops: #1 lvl 29 #2 lvl 23 #3 lvl 17
  • Crit: lvl 20+
    This should allow choice of any war tank color (can us crit or mana depending on what works best for the tank) and give solid support to all three heroes when running 3-2.

Ninja troops:
Have no plans. Limited resources and mana breaks currently seem more important than the extra attack and bypass ability. Crit gives huge boost on HP and Def so very important for many tanks.
Seem like a luxury that I am not willing to afford. Have looked at @Guvnor’s maths, watched the (very informative) interview with @JekylandHyde and decided that ninja troops may get attention if I am still playing (many) years from now.


My Troop path was poorly thought out at best tbh. Lots of early poor decisions made but that was mostly because I didn’t see troops as that helpful. So I invested all my ham in heroes tbh. Which I can’t complain, did really help to get a lot variety for the various things in the game.

Then when I moved to a higher ranked alliance the Troops suddenly made a difference. Lots of opponents with 23+ so about 6 months ago I decided Project 23 had to be enacted. It was a grind but I was using HA to make 2* & 3* feeders which whilst slow does help.

Now I’m doing multiple sets to 11 for Rush wars/tournaments and I’ve just done my first Rainbow to 11. Going to have a little break and work on some heroes again but once I done them it will back to the 2nd set of 11’s.

Then I’ll decide if I want to push the 23’s up again