How do you get special hero? Does game change?

Hi guys
I am playing for 9 months and I bought offer as much as I can, several months ago I got some result but during months I got nothing from my summons.
I should add I just got 3 hotm nothing more and some season 1 slow mana legendary.
I decide to summon what I can on the current event and if I get some useless 3 or 4 star hero as past never do summon again.
I am at the top of my alliance and local I am always online and playing I buy offers but nothing get so which player exactly most progress on game, what should I do and I did not.
I think game take hard on players who must take easy on them. Players who always play and active.
Now I am totally disappointed of getting any special hero so I decide to not pay like other players in alliance because there is not difference to pay or not for me if there is some special way that other player get heros please let me know because I saw someone who pull Guinvere and 2 black knights with 44 pulls and I did near 1000 summons since start playing and I got hotm.

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Well, I can tell you the only event 5* I’ve ever drawn was Mitsuko from Atlantis and a few costumes. I kinda like costume summons because no matter what you draw, you’re walking out with something at least better than only a vanilla.

Event 5* draws are unlikely, and I think watching beta and planning summons for monthlies is a much better way to go.

A level 20 training camp may get you a 5* every few months. I haven’t got my Hero Academy trading 5* yet, but I expect that to help (still hoping for Joon and Magni).

Aside from that no, not sure what to say. There are a very select few who always seem to magically draw the best of the best and I have two of those players in my own alliance, but I think even among those who spend $100+ a month, those are in the minority. If you really want the best heroes, I recommend finding a game that guarantees what you really want eventually (though it may take a couple years). I’ve found a few games like that, so I can tell you they do exist.


Oh my… Please use the search tool - you are not alone. :sweat: I’m sorry you’ve had such bad summonses. It happens, and there are no guarantees regardless of how much or how little you pay.

Lots of stories here. Great thread just to vent.

Perhaps you could try being F2P instead. Zero dollars spent, and huge savings.


Don’t spend money on this game. It’s not worth it.


I think It is all up to your luck. I play 4 months now and never pay a penny. I have 2 HOTM and 3 classic legendary heroes.


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