How do you get people to join?

This is a question, and not an alliance recruitment message.

How do you get people to find your alliance who fit what you’re looking for?

We’ve tried various attempts, but we either don’t get anyone, or people who help, but can’t quite help the amount we’d like to progress!

What have you used/done?


If you want people who chat then make sure that’s clear when recruiting. Even if you don’t require chatting, you must set expectations and goals, and make sure they’re understood. We have some silent ones in our alliance but they play and hit titan daily, so we’re happy with that.

Use the alliance description and featured message to your advantage too :slight_smile: Whether a daily player or someone who logs on for 1 to 2h a day or in between, players will see these messages. You can put either a war tank color or an update on the titan (hit or let it run) for e.g.

Inevitably yeah, you’ll also get those that just log in to collect, forget the titan and war, and won’t even read chat updates. Nothing wrong with playing casually, but I’m assuming your alliance is not one of these by your OP :slight_smile: In these cases just kick them out, you’ll be better off without em.


Just started trying to recruit last weekend, but there’s been ZERO interest so far. I’m still in the alliance that I joined when the game let me pick one. We are very casual, but we are hitting 7* and 8* titans and we win a decent amount of wars. The problem is that I’ve progressed to the point where I am generally at the top of the ranking for the alliance, place top 1-3 on titan hits regularly, etc., and I feel kinda stuck. I really like my alliance tho, and I’m not really looking to jump ship. I’d prefer to help leadership get things more on track. Also… we are currently sitting at 21 members, so there’s a lot of room to strengthen our group. I plan to keep changing the thread that I created for recruitment and trying to get it to a place where people respond, but I’m struggling a bit.

Your Recruitment threads are really good @ChrisRavenheart, don’t get too disheartened.

I would suggest that in order to maximize Recruitment on the forum, you need to post in lots of topics and get a reputation as a fun and knowledgeable player. Then people will be keen to join you.

I’ve had pretty good success in forum recruiting and all I had to do was write 4200 posts :crazy_face:


Here’s some advice I wrote on a similar thread:

Over the 9 months I’ve been with my alliance, there have been a lot of change over, enough that we’ve been accused to have a revolving door. But for every one we remove or has left, they are generally replaced by someone who fits and stronger. There are only 5 original members (including me and the leader) from the date of my acceptance.

But the thing is, we have a very strong leader who is able to do what’s best for the alliance at the drop of a hat. Some may view it as being cold hearted, but I’d say she’s driven.

It takes time to build the alliance. I’ve spent many days and hours in alliance recruitment just to nab 2-3. 3rd party communication such as Line or Discord helps to pull your alliance or people within together as you’re able to communicate and share in ways that you cannot in game.

Have an idea what you want.
Have reasonable rules and accountability.
Don’t be afraid to cut ties immediately (but be rational as sometimes real life does get in the way.)
Make like minded individuals (2-3) a co-lead beyond just the label of the game and confer with them (if possible outside of the game using a 3rd party app).

Never describe your alliance as casual or seek casual players if you want your alliance to get anywhere, whether that be up the leader board or slaying titans quickly. Casual gets you inconsistency.

*Constantly recruit, even if you’re full…don’t stop networking and keep the chopping block prepped. Highly important. It’s a boring, yet frustrating part of the process that is like a job. Hopefully, you have several on your alliance willing share this load.


Bardic Post of the Day :medal_sports:

Great paragraph


I really dont know. It just kinda happens.

You approach other members that just lost to you recently in a war, immerse them in your culture and experience, and hopefully they fall in love with someone in your alliance. It worked in Last Samurai.


That ended well, right?


The alliance leader died but the spirit lives on!!! Huzzah!!!


In any case, recruiting is purely a consistent trial and error basis. You just need to keep doing it and find members with the same mentality and goals of your alliance and then filter as you go. Our alliance uses the forums as well as Line as recruitment tools. One of our members is a well known forum member and that helps with credibility.

Have a member(s) be helpful on the forums etc, the more popular or known the member(s) are the chances that people will wanna be in the same alliance as them. Im in pretty much a unknown alliance. We kill 12* titans ■■■■ near every time and win more wars then we lose but none of that matters. What matters the most is we have a well known helpful forum poster in @RandaPandah . She makes like one post in the recruitment forum and BOOM! We are back to 30 members in a instant. So yes. she is pretty awesome to be in the same alliance in and is a asset to our alliance.

So in short have a member(s) be known and recruitment woes will be a thing of the past, that i know for a FACT! :100:


The most fundamental rule of recruiting when you are alone with no one else is:


Rarely anyone will follow someone weaker than them. At least stay ahead of the pack until you have a solid core of members. Then you can set language / time zone / war / titans restrictions and so on.

PS. Your alliance also has to be easy to find when someone types for a keyword to look for.

Awh, just got an email that you mentioned me in a comment, and just had to check it out even though I’m still currently on vacay. This is so sweet :heart:

Anyway, to be of assistance to the OP, what helps me with recruiting, other than being semi-known here (although, I’ve been on hiatus for quite some time) is being 100% honest about the alliance I’m recruiting for. Obviously you’ve gotta mention what star titans you’re fighting, and how well you do in wars, but also talk about the alliance as a whole. Are you guys casual or more competitive? Are you active in chat? What rules do you have in place that you enforce? What is it about your alliance that you love enough to recruit for them? What makes you stand out from all of the rest?

For me [personally], I love my alliance because we have some of the most supportive, and active, members a person could ask for. The leader is an amazing guy, and everyone is just really awesome and upbeat. We don’t have to enforce too many crazy rules, because our players love the game enough to just do what they’re supposed to (ie use all of their flags). So when I recruit, I just list all of the amazing qualities Ravens has, and then be patient. If someone contacts me about joining, I let them know what they can expect and go from there.

Also, having Line can make your life a lot easier. Anyone interested can contact you directly through there, and there’s also quite a few recruitment group chats for E&P too. Patience is key though; some days you’ll get a request almost immediately after posting, and other times you’ll be waiting a week or more. If you find you’re not getting any responses, bump your thread up [by commenting] and it’ll help people see it.

& If you want to, contributing to other threads here on the forum can go a long way into helping your alliance grow as well. There are so many people on here who are still learning who they should focus on, or how to build their teams, so any advice you have can help them grow, and help others grow too. I know it’s cheesy, but building up this community can go a long way into building up you and your alliance, too.

So yeah, just be honest and keep with it :slightly_smiling_face: & If you’re really desperate, try recruiting in-game too (although, the forum and Line are much, much easier to recruit through)


Over time we have lost half of our alliance due to major frustrations with this game. Now Occasionally someone will pop in & soon leave but nothing solid.

It seems lıke no one gives a crap about the game anymore. Nearly everything in the game is left to casino type chances. Progress? Well that’s the thing, you can’t call it progress unless your a snail.

The game has become so slow & boring as hell.
Don’t even bother with season 3, there won’t be any one here to play it.

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