How do you get Alliance War Energy or flags?

Ive been playing for about 2 weeks and I “think” I’ve got a sense of what I’m doing. I joined an Alliance (it was the only one that had space and excepted my trophy cap, which is 335).

I was scrolling through the menus and saw an Alliance War was taking place. I noticed I don’t have any war energy to participate. I checked the store to see if i needed to buy some and didn’t see any. I looked through the forums and couldn’t find the answer. Please advise.

Shout out to Brookes Brawlers!

You have to achieve a level to be able to participate of the war

You’ll actually get War Energy flags for free once War starts, assuming you’re at least Level 12, and have completed the War Tutorial and set a War Defense.

If you’re not yet Level 12, you won’t be able to participate yet.

The way it works is you get 3 flags right at the start.

Then, 12 hours into the War, you get another 3 flags.

Unlike World Energy and Raid Energy, you can actually have up to all 6 flags at once. So if you don’t use your flags before the 12 hour mark, you’ll still have them to use before the end.

War flags don’t carry over from one War to another, so be sure to use all 6 each War. :slight_smile:

And War flags won’t refill when you level up, unlike World Energy, Raid Energy, and Titan Energy.

Good luck in the War!


I’m level 15. It says i jave to go through the tutorial. I don’t see where that tutorial would be. All it says is, “Matchmaking In Progress”. And that’s it.

Right now, you should set your War Defense, if you haven’t already. You do that by going to the Battlefield.

It’s under the Alliance Screen:

Then the War tab:

Then tap the Battlefield button:

Once War starts, you’ll return to the Battlefield to complete the Tutorial the first time. (H/T @Starryeyedgryph)

And that’s where you’ll always go back to for using your War Energy to attack the other team.


The war hasn’t started yet. The game is matching up your alliance to another one. Once that happens, you’ll need to go out to the battlefield and set up your defense team. From the time the match making finishes, there will be 24 hours to prepare your defenses for the war, before it starts.
@zephyr1 the tutorial won’t come available until the actual war starts. It will walk them through using their first flag and actually hitting their first opposing team using their 5 most powerful heroes. Although, you are given the option of changing that after the auto select button has been pushed.


Got it, thanks!

So @Rayge17 should set a Defense now, and then return to the Battlefield when War begins to complete the Tutorial.

That’s what you’re saying, right @Starryeyedgryph?


Yes. The tutorial won’t be available until after the war begins. Mostly because of the nature of the tutorial. It teaches you how to participate in war by actually doing it.
For this reason as well, players are unable to uncheck the participate in war button until after they have fought in their first war.


The uncheck issue I knew about, and that makes sense with the timing, thanks! I updated my post accordingly.

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You are totally welcome! I try to help here on the forums when i actually know the information! Wars are something i spend a lot of time thinking about! So any questions about them, i could possibly answer!


You should consider writing a guide for #player-guides. :slight_smile:


I can’t do anything. Everything’s greyed out. There’s a radio button for “Participate in Wars”. I can’t check nor uncheck it. I notice the War Chest keeps increasing (whatever that means). All it says is “Next war starts soon”.

I have no idea what (if anything) to do.

So there was never any point during the War where you could go to the Battlefield?

No. At first I thought it was because I hadn’t reached a certain level. But I noticed members in my alliance who were lower than me were participating.

You’re definitely high enough level for War now.

I’m perplexed about why you’d be able to go to the Battlefield between Wars to set your Defense Team, but not be able to go to the Battlefield during War to start the Tutorial.

I think you should contact Support at this point if you haven’t already:

From reading their post I don’t know if they set their defense team?
This does sound like one for a support ticket.

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I’m not able to set a defense team. That radio button is greyed out. I can see the war chest grow. The radio button to participate in the war is checked. The battleground radio button is greyed out. There’s a blank box that says a war will soon begin. Am i missing something?

Was the Battleground button greyed out during the “prepare your defense” phase before War started?

I never got a prompt to “Prepare Your Defense”.

Hi there, i was looking for someone to help me with using war banners & this is the closest to the topic. Heck i dont even know where to post my question, so sorry guys for crashing this tutorial. My question is how do i use war banners during a war?

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