How do you get 5 star heroes?

How do you get 5 star heros. I am at level 34, my TC is at 20. I can’t receive higher Heros. Everyone i play against has 5 stars and i can not win a raid without using a ton of food to find a battle equal to my level.

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From TC20 and from summon portal.

Keep running tc20, I have 2 tc at that level constantly.

You could also try pulling - gather Atlantis Coins, do chests/titan/war for epic hero token.

If your gaming budget allows, you could also buy gems (offers available) and do pulls with those. Knights of Avalon is coming with good heroes.


I do all those things. I have been doing everything everyone is telling me and to no avail. I spend way to much money to be treated like this. So i might as well stop funding the gaming company.

Hi @midmor1, i got most of my five stars from tc20, but you got have a little patients.

Look at this topic where you see how it’s going:

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That’s my defense team, 4 of those are from tc20, have been playing for a year.

Crossing fingers for you!


TC20 is the best way to get 5 stars without spending any money. My alliance does that because we are casual players. You can check our TC20 results here, and as you can see all of us got our 5 stars from there. Also, when fighting higher power teams I would suggest colour stacking to attack them. I still haven’t got my 5 stars ascended yet, so I use only 4 star heroes and I keep defeating diamond tier teams just by using the correct heroes. :slight_smile:


with a lot of praying to the lootbox god :joy:

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I am level 34 also just under 5 months now and only have 2 5*'s. 5 days away from my first completed TC20. Not sure how long you been playing but you do need some PATIENCE to play this game. By chance even if you had got 6 5*'s you would still probably be frustrated because you didn’t have all the AM or feeders to level them.

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@midmor1 give it time.
You will get one …
TC 20, tokens or gem summons can get u a 5*
Hero… That’s how come everyone has at least one

do you have all acc mats to max a 5 star?
no? then better off.

Hold your thumb over the summon button, put your mobile device at a 35degree angle ontop of your head while standing on one foot under a full moon on a clear night. Shout “RNGESUS BE WITH ME” and then push the button while doing a 180degree jump(horizontally).
There you have it… 100% chance at 5* heroes.


I’m notoriously shunned by the RNG gods. I got my first 5* at 10 months I think (though I got it off a free token, and it was one of the best regular Heroes).

I slowly collected 7 of them, mainly from TC20, a few from Coins.

My bread and butter is 4*. I have never yet got an HOTM (fingers crossed).

RNG is a huge bell curve, and we’re all splayed across its surface: some of us have monumental luck…some like me are much less lucky. But time and persistence do play a role: I have more 5* now than I did, and the TC20 definitely has paid out better for me than the summon gate.

Do what works for you. :slight_smile:


I’m going to need video proof of this… :slight_smile:

For me, I have a total of 7 5* heroes. Had 9, fed 2, don’t ask. :stuck_out_tongue: Thorne and Vivica came from TC20, the other 7 total have come from summons. HOTM are 2x Evelyn, 1x Kunchen, 1x Frida. I got ridiculously lucky with Evelyn’s. One came as a bonus drawn from the free EHT we got for Xmas day. The other was from the very next individual summon. Kunchen and Frida came from 10-pulls during the same Atlantis Event that spanned from Feb into March. The 10-pull that netted me Frida also gave me Ariel!

You don’t really need 5* heroes to successfully raid stronger high level opponents… there are other ways… a well chosen 4* team with a good board will blow away any defense this game has to offer…


Rotflmbo, I know I’m late to the party but I don’t care. I have to let you know exactly how awe-stricken I am by your comment. I thought I was good but you take the whole Sha-Bang-A-Bang. Thank you for making my face hurt and eyes water with laughter, you almost killed me, lol.

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