How do you fight Frigg-Bera-Odin defences?

At the moment, this is the only defence that I can defeat only with exceptionally good board. Anything less most often leads me to a painful defeat.

Namely, if I have an average board, sometimes it’s enough to kill Bera. But, killing her leads to a small mana cut and if I don’t have another match ready to go (that would be an exceptionally good board), very soon Frigg and Odin just finish the job.

It doesn’t even matter who’s on wings. By the time they fire, the battle is already decided.

If I get a bad board, well, my heros are melting down slowly due to poison dmg, waiting for Frigg and Odin to finish the job, again.

Since I do have a ready to go solutions practically to every other defence out there, I would really appreciate some inputs about the strategy against this defence. My roster is quite limited, but some general ideas might be helpful - not only for me, because I don’t want to believe that I’m the only one struggling. :see_no_evil:


I’m interested in this as well

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Based on only heroes I have I would be using this:

Seshat for the debuff, powerful hit and resistance to mana cut along with strength vs Odin

Poseidon for a strong quick yellow hitter.

Grazul to block the poison and def down (along with possible wing effects from a red burn if I can time right) and give some heal

Costume Sartana for another big hit.

Guardian jackal for extra strength on yellows and another big boom.


I know you dont have skadi, who is perfect in this scenario. Do you have grimble? C rig & noor? C gormek?

I can show you videos of taking this team out but it has skadi in it. In general The key is to use mana controllers/blockers/cleansers on frigg oo deprive frigg/Odin of tiles. If you cant stop frigg then make sure Odin goes off before frigg

I’ll try a few out without skadi too


My solution is highly dependent on minion killer heroes so not sure if it’s applicable

Will use this against minion heavy defenses and Bera/Freya tanks, even though it’s purple on purple
Freya is no Bera, but beat this team recently with this lineup. Sorry no video but it wasn’t easy

Plan B would be a green mono to deprive Frigg of tiles

All fast heroes except for Gobbler but I’m close to getting the mana troop to 11


Mono is very hard to use against her, try other formations.try hero’s with riposte like boril or sif to deal with frigg and Odin

I can see some clever solutions, unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of those heros. Especially those minion specialists. But cleanse + mana control I can do. Wether it’s Rigard, Zocc, Hansel, maybe Lady Loki can be of help with poison dmg, and to disable them to receive new minions. I do have c.Kiril+20, it also make sense to make those punches hurt less. Clarissa is immune to poison… The thing is that I would have to add some serious dmg dealers, too. Unfortunately, I also don’t gave some super fast heros who could protect me from ailments, like Grazul or Vanda. Looks like I will have to wait for those heros. :man_shrugging:t2:
Or go mono if nothing else works and hope I can make the favourable board. :slight_smile:

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Here is one I tried with:
Noor Grimble Zocc C Rigard Gefjon

And another

And lucky last


Most likely i just re-roll. Sometime just to test my luck i go with GM, Grazul, Joon, Bai Yeong, and gulin… yess its not ideal at all. Thats why its purely just for checking my luck. 90% its no luck

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If your lucky enough to get jackal and poseidon to kill bera, poseidon mana block will come into effect and save your mana. :+1:


With Grimble and Gefjon. My whole team is - in this order - Gefjon +18, Grimble + 19, BK + 19, Vivica (costume bonus, but not costumed) + 10, Zocc + 18, I usually have no troulbes with this team against them.

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I’m leveling Gefjon now, will definitely try some combo with her when it’s done. Looks like I’ll have to strengthen up a bit before I can successfully overcome this obstacle. Gonna look at videos now, maybe I’ll get some idea. Overall, it looks like people mostly use heros I don’t have. :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:t2:

Noor and Grimble are very useful here, Noor I have. She will be the first in line after Gefjon. Rigard, Zocc… Maybe I could find some AoE to replace Grimble, strong enough to clean minions if needed. Not bad idea. Ursena is on her way up. Sounds fun? :thinking:
She could be a cure for Odin anyway…

Edit: Yup, I got few more ideas, with some heros which give mana boost. I should have Ariel maxed in foreseeable future, Sif is at 1-1 but I want to level her as well… Thanks, these videos proved to be quite inspirational! :star_struck:

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Frankly I am too lazy to change my regular stack specifically for these.

So if there is a purple center then it is Joon - Inari - Malosi - Ariel - Guardian Owl.

Either it works or it doesn’t, I don’t find discomfort in that.

Don’t get too attached though as next month’s HotM (Uraeus) will probably end this short episode of Bera/Freya tanks.


That is one way to look at it. :joy:

I’m just trying to be more strategically oriented, so for it does help me to be an overachiever, given the fact where I am in the game atm. This is currently the biggest challenge. For Black Knight I have many options, even mono green with c Melendor and Caedmon, sometimes even c.Horghall… BK doesn’t punish enough if I play around the board. But Bera… It looked like I can’t do anything other than hope for my tiles. I hate that. :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

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FWIW, I usually go Zimkitha (for cleansing) - Bai Yeong - Joon - Malosi - Melandor (costume).
By eating yellow tiles you reduce Odin’s damage and kill Bera. The only snag is remembering that Bera does a mana cut on death. Bai Yeong and Joon give the blind so that helps avoid the damage from Frigg and Odin.

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It is actually the closest to what I do atm. Sort of. Have Malosi, Bai, White Rabit, and usually There’s c.Melendor. My cleanser is sometime c.Caedmon, but may try something else. A solid yellow sniper as Joon would be handy, to finish off someone…

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Per the news section, odin & frigg are getting nerfed.


If you have Ursena, you can focus tiles elsewhere to charge her and then dump tiles into Odin and he’s gone. Obviously riposte for all is ideal but even if it’s caster + nearby you have a 60% chance at dealing either of them serious damage.

Bera can be a tough out, but I care less about her and more about the flanks.

I use mono yellow on this type of defense.

I think I actually struggle more with Frigg - BK - Odin than with Bera tank. Bera is only annoying for the mana cut.


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