How do you feel about Lady Locke’s Titan Grade VS Titan Performance

In my boredom I decided to mess about on enphero creating Titan Teams full of legendaries that I will never own.

While creating an ice titan team I noticed the best fast legendaries for titans are probably Lianna, Zeline, & Evelyn. (I know the latter is still ungraded but its pretty obv already) and the best average speed legendaries are Tarlak and Gregorion, all of whom having A or A+ scores.

What moderately suprised me is that Lady Locke only has an overall B score for titans. I guess I just assumed she had an A Grade or something— probably since Horghall, Elkanen and Morgan all have B Grades for titans.

Do the people who have her agree with this grade? I don’t own her but I may try for her.

Some of the titan category grades I do agree with. (ie. She gets a B in passive damage. Like Tarlak, she gets an A+ in Tile Damage but only B in Stamina.)

However what throws me through a loop mainly is her C grade in direct (special skill) damage and C in versatility.

I don’t understand how Locke has C in special skill damage. Its a guarenteed 869 damage to the titan everytime her special skill goes off. Alby and Tarlak getting a grade of D/C makes sense— their special skills don’t cause any direct damage.
I watched a video on youtube where Athena’s (unbuffed) special skill net 497 on a 10* titan and Hel’s (unbuffed) skill net 760 damage on the same titan. In yet they both have B grades in this category. So am I missing something?

As for versatility is Locke really less titan versatile than someone like Lianna?
Really confused.

DoT is a really tricky skill.
Yes, it is 869 guaranteed damage, but only over 4 turns.
That means in attack you can possibly shoot Athena special 4 times with a really great blue board (497*4= 1988 damage), meanwhile Lady Locke can never do anything more then that (it overwrite and restart)
What’s more, DoT doesn’t benefit from defence debuff and attack buff, while Athena and Hell special increase.
Another thing is that you can cast her DoT and the time expire before the 4 turns, so it is not totally guaranteed.

She is really good for tile damage, but i totally agree her special is not suited at all for titans.
Maybe only her cleanse effect, not the damage.

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DoT is next to useless on a titan IMO, you need to wait 4 turns for the damage and it overwrites/restarts if recasted. I would take any other green 5 with 7xx attack and direct damage special over her every time.

That’s just me, though.

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