How do you deal with SPY?

Got a spy into the alliance, how do everyone deal with it except changing from Open to Invite Only?

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Never happened to us, but what is there to spy?


I can also click on the other ally and watch up their defenses without joining.


I don’t get the point of spying… you could see what color tank the enemy is running early? But what are you gonna do about it? Not like you can max more heroes to deal with that in a day…


There are no advantage visiting opponent alliance… period.


We’re they actually spying on your war defense or just mercing and checking on your titan?


There are a LOT of alliances, and they know who they’re paired with. They were undoubtedly spying.

The big risk is that they could read war plans in chat and adjust their defenses accordingly.

If I knew for rock bottom certain that my enemy was mostly going 3-2 or mostly going mono, I could shift my squad to optimize.


Register a formal complaint and expelled their entire diplomatic delegation.


Battle field is the target.
Center tank and actual heores selection and formation.

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Raid team and war defense team are different setting. Seeing opponent’s profile and raid line up does not give away strategies.

Seeing the actual war defense setting at the bird eye view, full panel means opponent can be very well prepared before the war start.

Luckily that we can manage to change the center tank color because the teammates deep bench. If we could change it, what should have happened… We will stuck with same line up facing the opponent that know our board…

Prepare? How? How does seeing your defense early help? Heroes take a long, long time to level.


Simple solution. Change from open to invite only, at least during war preparation period.

Sounds like a real waste of time on the spy part, and not worth worrying about on your part. Not like there are real-life entrance fees and prize money or betting at stake. It’s just a mobile game… Let them spin their wheels if it turns them on. Beat them anyway.


Totally agreed.
Just feel like that spying is unethical.


Have someone try and sneak into their alliance! :crossed_swords:

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It is indeed unethical, but that’s a lot harder to justify the resources to police than things which give a legitimate unfair advantage. @ModernThinker has it right: let them have their fun…and then you have YOUR fun by crushing them :slight_smile:


Seduction, treachery, and a sniper rifle usually do the job. But makes sure its not a double cross. Or an agent wearing one or those Mission Impossible masks. Then you would end up with a tragedy on your hands and not a happy ending.


Lmfao so true what see who,s in the alliance funny topic that one

No matter the intel a spy can gather, the boards will still suck :smile:


When you join you can scroll up and read messages from before you joined so you can read the strategy and see if a couple ppl posted about weakness for instance ppl posting that they are strong against blue or red and weak against yellow or purple. Then go back and change tanks to whatever your opponent is weak against. I’m grabbing at straws here cause I don’t see a massive advantage. If I joined the opponent before war started it would be to talk trash lol


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The thing is… what are they doing wrong? If your alliance has OPEN membership, then anyone can join… including your enemies. If you allow the enemy to freely wander your encampment before the battle begins, then you have to assume they have the capability to gather some intel. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s unethical to go over and take a look - much like if someone is loudly yammering on their phone in the restaurant next to me, it isn’t a big deal if I overhear what they’re talking about. If they didn’t want me to hear their conversation, they should take it somewhere private.

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