How do you 'deal' with all the deals?

I ignore the deals. I also have no illusions about being top in the game, so the deals for materials hold no attraction. After 2-1/2 years of (mostly) f2p I am now able to sit in low diamond. It is a slow slog but it’s the journey that I am here for and enjoy, not the end goal.

I did buy the VIP deals a couple times (Rudolph’s) but it was more as a gift to self and a thank you to SG for the game. I also get the gift your alliance deal as a thank you to them. Other than that, not interested. And I’m well past where the VIP helps me out much now.

It is frustrating however to have to cycle through all these “deals” just to get to the game sometimes.


Buy what I want, ignore what I don’t, really not that difficult.


The emblem deals are the annoying ones. Emblems are REALLY important in this game and they’re hard to acquire in mass. Selling these for cash annoys me and it was hard to resist. I did resist, but I’m 45 emblems behind those who bought it in multiple classes. Significant? Not too bad, but get a few of these spaced out in the next few months and yes it will be significant. The gap between PTP and CTP and FTP widens.


I don’t know…the difference between a 10 level emblemed character and an 18 one isn’t that much really. I find it’s the troops underneath them then that out punch me really.

All lots of emblems do is let you spread them around more.

Since I got AL running I’m getting 10 every 5 days now for no gems so I’ll build up via other means.




There is a lot of p2w in the game, but it can still be a lot of fun to play free or cheap, as I do.

Look here for great examples of free rosters

As for the deals, as others have said PoV and VIP are the best value.

Beware of anything that says it’s 340% value or similar - SG place their own arbitrary monetary value on items and materials that can easily be farmed for free.

Stay away from the shop offers, for 3* heroes or silver tokens or anything that says ‘get at least…’ these are loaded towards providing cheap junk.


i used to buy extra deals every now and then but now nothing other than first day of atlantis/valhalla and even those i didn’t get this month because all prices increased 20% for no reason so i don’t bother much anymore


I avoid all deals. Not worth it. Spend cash in real life !


Personal suggestion: if you’re going to spend… spend strong.
You are joining late, and this game have many contents and several key heroes.
To make a real difference, you should open your wallet quite a lot.

If you just want to enjoy this game for all the little things and goals you can reach as a “normal” player… do not spend at all.

A moderate quantity of cash most likely will give you much more frustration then happiness.
You can be lucky here and there even without spending.

That’s my suggestion: all or nothing.

Do not go halfway, it doesn’t give you a sensible difference in the long run, and most likely will push you to despise summons rather then enjoy them.


Like when you shop for Toilet paper and is says “These 8 Jumbo rolls are like 24 regular rolls”. What does that mean? NOTHING! It’s just marketing.


I dont even think in buying them because the prices in my country are near to abusive. So I dont care.

Those “special offers” can feed one entire family for 2 weeks. Dollar direct conversion is such a unfair way to set prices. Well, my wallet says thanks.

Even that 600 gems offer inside the store (2 summons lol - actually nothing) can buy several gems on another any game.

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I almost never have spent any money on mobile games before. But after installing Empires and Puzzles I spent ~$1000 in a year. I’m going cold turkey now. Beware.

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Now I ignore majority of them. It wasn’t this way all the time, which I now regret. Spending money hasten things up in this game greatly, but I came to a conclusion that because of that I rushed through the most interesting part of the game, and now when I’m at the late game, I find majority of things dull and not much of a challenge.

Anticipating for ascension mats for a new hero I pulled that would make your map progression for Season 2 hard stages much easier etc was thrilling. Deciding who to max as my 9th legendary purple who I am not going to use almost never is superboring.

Unfortunately, I share the sentiment of majority here that the deals have become a daily thing, and it’s not really a deal when it’s happening all the time, right? The sneaky part of it is that it used to be 1 deal for 99USD + 2 deals for 49 USD per month and couple cheaper. It was easy to pass on those as they seem waaay over most of the budgets. Now the 99 USD and 49USD seem to be very rare, but instead we get dozen of cheap deals every event, and if you fall for “come on, it’s only 3 dollars” and it becomes a daily thing, you end up spending more than you would buying just one expensive deal. It looks to be engineered strategy to encourage people for low but constant spending - perhaps the rare but more expensive deals didn’t sell that well.

My advice - get the best out of the deals if you want to progress and have spare budget for it, but don’t fall too deep.

Offers I find reasonable which are recurring are:

  • regular VIP and VIP deals (VIP deals usually come with some extra gems and epic token)
  • Path of Valor
  • 1st day of Atlantis
  • 1st day of event challenge
  • 1st day of Valhalla
  • 3rd day of Valhalla
  • “share the gems with your alliance” offer

Offers which are OK if you are particularly interested in certain portal this particular month:

  • Costume chamber offers
  • 2nd and 4th day of challenge events offers
  • Tavern of legends ultimate offer (after the portal was redone)
  • 2nd day of Valhalla

Offers which are not worth buying at all if you are not a whale:

  • Goblin balloon (unless you get legendary chest with epic ascension mat… which is said to be possible)
  • Emblem offers
  • seasonal calendar offers (except the one with 1000 gems + epic ascension mat)
  • any offer with gems + rare ascension mat
  • any offer where you don’t get gems and just the farmable items

It helps to set up budget limit on your Google Play account and keep it. Or instead of attaching your credit card, get a prepaid and hold on to it.

Of course, if you can afford it, by any means, go ahead. If there’s a once in a year chance to get GM, it’s ok to buy that 30 USD deal for Tavern etc. Just make sure it really is a concious decision and don’t make just any hero seem special in your eyes. Because there really is no bottom to this pit, and even if you are wealthy there are probably better ways to spend the money. Be mindful you may even spend a 1000$ and quite likely not get the hero you are after because the odds are not escalating here.


I used to spend a lot to buy different offers in the past, but now basically pay for VIP and POV pass only. I don’t mind to spend more if the game is enjoyable but, the game shifted towards frustration rather than fun so pay for VIP and POV pass is really enough to me.


Deal? What deal? Ops… sorry… I was thinking about another game…

Nevermind, just deal with it. They will keep coming either you like it or not. You can ignore them or fall for it. as long as you are happy go for it. but if you cannot stand it anymore (due to the p2w factor), maybe its time to find another game. To be honest, its not p2W, its just pay to accelerate your winning. You can still win without pay, only it will take (MUCH) longer to achieve it.

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No deals anymore…

Just paying for VIP ( to finish my food storages for HA10 ) and deals that provide gems for the whole ally.
I have around 25x 5* heroes I have no mats for to finish, so for me, currently it doesn’t make any sence to spend for new heroes.

The game is a grind. Grind long and hard enough and you will get to a point where you will groan every time you pick up a 3* ascension that you have to throw into the back of the closet. This will happen regardless of whether you spend or not.

Grind through normally and you will get the minimum 4* mats through quests etc. Grind and get to a competitive level where you can take on 14* titans (harder to do without paying, but still possible) and the 4* mats will come. Once a month from mystic vision, once a month from diamond raid chests , once every 2 months from monster chests. Once a week from titans (I have gotten 3 from my last 5 titans so its a good week).

Timr and perseverance will get you all that this game has to offer… apart from a full roster of the very best heroes. For that you will have to spend some. But luckily to have fun and to excel you dont need that


I remind myself my monthly income, laugh quietly and close them.


Meanwhile I only pay for VIP an PoV. Though I always swollow hardly, when I see the price for the PoV.
The other offers are not worthy apart that alliancething.
In the past I fell for little deals, but now I have so many heroes to level that it would take a lifetime to get them finished :grin:


So many helpful responses here, thank you so much to everyone in this thread :slight_smile:

I do feel as if the offers are already increasing, compared to when I started just a month ago, and they often pop up “mid game play”- so I accidentially hit the button to purchase them. (my payment option always needs double confirm though, fortunately)

@Sh3r1ff I actually was not aware of that, thank you for the tip!

@Tess_01 That is a good point, of course. I quickly uninstall games that have those popup commercials too.

@Eldente How high would you say one would have to get on PoV for it to be worth it?

@Nexus1254 That sounds intriguing, can I ask which game? :slight_smile: (About that auto function, would you believe I only discovered that recently, about three weeks into the game! :sweat_smile: )

@nevarmaor Gift your alliance? I must look that up, that sounds nice :slight_smile: Although half of my alliance is inactive. Hm. Being in low diamond is really nice, gives me something to aim for! Well done :slight_smile:

@Rduke77 That is precisely how I feel too; the deals that involve emblems, and ascension materials as well. I do not mind those “gem” deals as much- each to their own.

@JonahTheBard Thank you for the helpful link :slight_smile: Aha, I see, that makes sense; it is easy to get sucked into the “Oh, look how many % I save on this deal!”

@Elpis I see, I did not think of it that way. Thank you - You mean, that you, at some point, as f2p hit a “wall”? A wall that everyone hits eventually, that you can only break down by spending a lot? I take it that is mostly visible in the tournaments and wars and against high level Titans, or also during the general map-play?

@Polentinha That is really something to think about, with virtual progress, thank you for adding that depth to the discussion. I´m sorry that the prices in your country are like that, I didn´t know. Best wishes to you.

@djmindcrasher That is the situation I really want to avoid, and one I was worried to fall into. How is it going, going cold turkey? What made you decide that?

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