How do you 'deal' with all the deals?

Hi everyone :slight_smile: Thank you for being such a helpful and active community!

I have begun playing not too long ago, and slowly making my way through the game. I have greatly enjoyed myself so far, aside the small things here and there.

But I am wondering, how the rest of you ‘deal’ with all the deals in game, that pop up? (that require for you to spend real life money on various items, that is)

As I gain more knowledge of the game, I find myself growing more and more discouraged.
I see a pattern, but perhaps I am wrong.

At first I thought the deals were mostly centered around gems, to ‘boost your luck’, in terms of summoning the best heroes. I was not against this, or discouraged by it - I merely thought, each to their own, I will get my heroes in time, and one day I shall stop struggling to get above silver in tournaments (I still have 3 stars) All in time.

But it also appears, that the dropchance of materials to level the heroes are increasingly low, and in turn, they show up as offers that you buy with your real life money instead.

I really dislike that whole thing. It´s probably the foundation and pillars, of which this game was built upon, and ideally, I wish a game like Empires and Puzzles existed, without pay2win, so we were all equal, aside the RNG-summons, but here we are. And I am not naive, I have no expectations of things to change.

I think I can get a lot of joy of of this game as a whole, I already look forward to the snowy decorations in my base at Christmas time, and to grow up! And I love connecting with the community. I still need to find an active alliance for newer players, and I really look forward to that too.

I worry I will get ‘sucked’ into this, and I already feel tempted at all of these deals, in particular for ascension materials. I have not got the budget to just go ahead and go nuts and spend a lot of cash, and even though I am no ‘gambler’, I think I could easily become one, if I am not careful.
I already stare at my beloved only 4 star hero, that is stuck at her level. I see those deals and go “Oh, just this one time, wouldn´t that be nice…” , you know?

Right, enough wall of text, that was just a bit of background from me!

I hope to hear your input, and perhaps gain some insight into how you feel, and how you do it :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading and sharing and happy gaming to all. :four_leaf_clover:


I log in 2 minutes earlier to close all of them, the end :slight_smile:


Way too many deals recently. When I started we had one deal every Saturday or so and then the Event offers.
Next came the calendars and then more and more.
I spent a lot over the years (high 4 digit I guess), so I’m not against deals as such, but when you don‘t see the screen but only deals, something is severely out of balance.


Discard them as quick as I can, even before I can read anything of the deal.

Hint: you do not need to hit the red „X“ in the upper right corner, just hit the screen somewhere outside the deal, usually at the bottom below the deal.


The alternative to all the gimmecash popups are games that make you watch a 30 second ad every 2 minutes. I find the cash grab popups quicker to close. Thus I am still here

They gotta make their money somewhere

I recently deleted my 2 10-minute time waster games because they insisted on giving me ads with the sound on, even though all game sounds were turned off. Eventually one reaches a breaking point :woman_shrugging:


I don’t deal with deals at all, but that would be less than stellar feedback.

If you have some, but limited, budget, a good rule of thumb is that you get the most out of deals that don’t give you something immediately.

Of those, there are currently two: VIP and Path of Valor pass.
These are the ones with most value for your moolah, assuming you can get high enough on PoV. Nothing else comes even remotely close.


I found a way on how to enjoy this game even more. I just discovered another puzzle game (no heroes, player vs player, no energy / lives limit - I payed $2 to remove the ads completely).

I play E&P to do my grind:

  • complete the chests (raids and monster chest - on auto, when working)
  • attack the titan & spend my war flags
  • complete the events and important quests - rare quests / Tavern of Feeders (sorry, I meant Legends) / Costume quests / etc.
  • end of story

Those things take me ~ one hour of active playing per day, mostly in the morning / night.

Then, whenever I need a break from work / whatever I’m doing, I’m playing the other game. As I’ve said, no energy levels, summons, pvp and so on.


Starting to remind me of the film Ready Player One, how much of the screen can we place adds in before causing seizure to the players.

No doubt SG will find a way to have at least 50% of the screen have an offer in it before long


I agree. I only spend money on those of two. Those two provide me all I need while also helping the developers with $$$.


the last 2 days been shocking promo sales! , poV , emblem and vivica …just commit to my self my budget 20-30 bucks a week so i just choose vivica sale the first one…I think u just have commit to yourself the budget you wanna spend on this game…


I simply ignore the deals :slight_smile:

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I just click the X in the corner.

I do occasionally purchase a deal if I like it. If I don’t I ignore it.

They are the price you have to pay for a game to offer free content.


Two years ago, we didn’t have so many pop up deals asking for your money.
For me now it’s easy just to say no and play the game for fun.
But you are right it’s also easy to get sucked into these money grab offers. Please please please resist the urge
Good luck


I’m obviously doing something wrong. I do all those activities and I’m on my game for several hours :joy:


Exaggerating about how long things take cost me 27 hours a day.


As I’ve said, I don’t complete the monster chest manually, I do it on auto, while working. I keep my phone somewhere near me and only hit “replay” from time to time (sometimes I get disconnected as I forget about the phone :rofl:)

Today, for example, I’ve spent ~ 3 hours in the game already (6:30 PM here when writing this message) but during those hours I didn’t play actively. I was working while the game was on auto. I’ve spent like 5 energy flags to get some materials, recruits, food and iron.

This is why I would love this feature implemented: [Master] Improve Auto Farming / Easy farming – allow automatic repetition of a stage on auto play until out of WE/flags or for a set number of runs

P.S. While writing this message, I’ve completed 5 matches on 12-9 for my monster chest.


No deal :slightly_smiling_face:
F2P here…


I ignore the deals. I also have no illusions about being top in the game, so the deals for materials hold no attraction. After 2-1/2 years of (mostly) f2p I am now able to sit in low diamond. It is a slow slog but it’s the journey that I am here for and enjoy, not the end goal.

I did buy the VIP deals a couple times (Rudolph’s) but it was more as a gift to self and a thank you to SG for the game. I also get the gift your alliance deal as a thank you to them. Other than that, not interested. And I’m well past where the VIP helps me out much now.

It is frustrating however to have to cycle through all these “deals” just to get to the game sometimes.


Buy what I want, ignore what I don’t, really not that difficult.


The emblem deals are the annoying ones. Emblems are REALLY important in this game and they’re hard to acquire in mass. Selling these for cash annoys me and it was hard to resist. I did resist, but I’m 45 emblems behind those who bought it in multiple classes. Significant? Not too bad, but get a few of these spaced out in the next few months and yes it will be significant. The gap between PTP and CTP and FTP widens.


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