How do you count the effect of reducing the amount of tiles needed in terms of % of mana reduction?

Sorry for the post title.

I’m just having trouble computing the effects of mana when referred to a percentage drop.

For example, Gadeirus is Slow mana, and normally takes 12 tiles to charge his special. He needs a lv17 4* mana troop (which is an 11% mana reduction) to shave off one tile, changing the number of required tiles to 11. If we look at his talent grid, taking him to 70+20 he will get another 4% mana generation bonus. So am I correct in thinking that this will do nothing in terms of the minimum matched number of tiles to gain his special?

Does maxing his talent grid allow me to do anything other than use a lower levelled mana troop on him?

@ThreeZX I think this is what you’re after, or at least this thread is discussing the same thing:

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Duplicate thread. Please continue the discussion on the link provided above.

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