How do you cope with this "game"?

The story is this: I’ve gone FTP (although i was a VCTP player before) basically from the moment they pulled out Taverns of Feeders and started accumulating coins of every event and gems also.
I’ve accumulated in 6 MONTHS 1000 legend coins, 1400 atlantis coins, 800 valhalla coins and 3600 gems to do a 10 pull in valhalla as well, playing this “game” very frequently and, as you can imagine, spending a looot of time in it to get these coins.
The outcome is quite easy to predict: i got nothing useful.
Now, anybody can explain me how could someone (because i know there are thousands of people like me), that spent 6 damn months and all the effort, bear this situation?? Basically you play a game where you do the same stupid things over and over again and, if you can’t spend (a lot of) money and/or is very very lucky, have to stay in the mediocrity because can’t get heroes at all. I mean this sound like a game to you all? Where is the fun? i know “i should expect nothing and the rewards will be always great” but then what is the purpose of this game? making you a gambling addict?
Tbh i’m quite baffled that this game survived to this time, it lacks very basic and elementary features for the time being and has had only cash-grabbing implementations that really border the lawsuit. Bye all and stay safe


Focus on building out your lower rarity teams for events and tournaments.

Focus on 1 player game modes and getting the avatar missions.

That’s how I enjoy the game, personally.

As far as bad summon results go, I don’t really feel like I need to “cope” with that – yeah it sucks if I don’t get something good with all hoarded coins, however since I didn’t spend anything I don’t really see any damage on my part.

Personally, I think it would suck a lot more for me if I had spent a lot of money and gotten nothing out of it. Then I’d actually have a reminder of that, which I would probably feel a lot more hurt about myself.

To answer the question that follows up (how do you find this fun?) – The fun really is what you make of the game. Do your best with what you have, rather than wishing for something you don’t have.


I am an active F2P player and all I can say is that 6 months is nothing. I may have had 1 or 2 5* heroes but it probably wasn’t until i got the basic buildings leveled up sufficiently after about a year that things started to click. Spending money doesn’t actually speed up the process unless you are spending to get gems to accelerate building, although the 2nd builder from VIP would help. At the end, you are going to be limited by lack of ascension materials which takes time to acquire and there are very few opportunities to buy them.


What can I say that in 2 years now I’ve got not a single 5* from events / season 2 / season 3? Not a single one. Luckily I’ve got 3 HOTMs.

But I’m very happy with my TC20 and not with HA 10.


I spend a little. VIP, POV, and a few gem specials here and there to do a 10-pull about every month. And my results are consistently on the left side of the normal curve :crazy_face:

If I got upset about it I would have rage quit months ago

But I manage to have fun anyway :woman_shrugging: I don’t ever chase heroes. I level pretty much whatever I get. I only have a handful of unleveled 5* waiting for mats.

I don’t accumulate tokens/coins/whatever for a certain featured hero cuz, hey, I’m not going to get him anyway. I throw the coins down the wishing well and am pleasantly surprised if something good jumps out…


It took me 9 months of hard core dedicated addicted constant play to get the ascension mats to max level up my first (and only) 5* hero, who was Marjana. Then I started to spend. A few gems here, a VIP, then a few more gems, then regular spending. It helped me eventually get more 5*, including my first ever HOTM that came around month 14 (who was Seshat).

After the Telluria fiasco, I’ve stopped spending completely. Ironically, I made this decision about 2 weeks after I treated myself to a full-year VIP for my birthday, so I’m still “enjoying” the residual benefits of my annual VIP, even though I’ve stopped actively spending.

There is no way to be competitive at the highest levels in this game without spending. You lack for heroes, and you lack for ascension items. You will also lack for emblems.

I no longer allow myself to have any delusions of being a top player. It helps that I did build up a few decent heroes when I was a spender. It helps that I’ve been playing over 2 years and have obtained enough ascension materials and emblems to at least field a bare-bones variety of maxed heroes in wars and in events.

If I were a newer player, and strictly free-to-play or cheap-to-play, I don’t think I’d still be here. It’s only the stretch of spending and the long investment of time and development that keeps me around, in order to try and get some more mileage out of my entertainment investments (both time and money).


Been exactly in this situation. Did 60 pulls in May, aiming for Clarissa, hoarded with months from different sources, since i am also totally F2P, got exactly nothing. Before that 40 pulls for Vela, also hoarded with months from different sources. Kingston with 30 pulls. Everytime i hoarded and aimed for a certain hero - nothing…no Hotm, not even a single 5*…

Decided to focus on my roster and find the best synergy out there in daily raiding and wars. I can’t complain. I don’t have great roster but i have achieved a lot totally free.

I know this advise sucks, but lower expectations, focus on what you have, try to find best synergy and improve and maybe you can find the fire for the game again. I know it sucks but this game works this way…

Edit: I will link a thread where you can check my recent achievements, which has come totally free (last 2 comments + one more detailed earlier in september). If this can motivate you and bring you back the pasion and fire for the game, i would be happy. You can do a lot of stuff for free, no need to be “mediocre”. It’s all in the perception and approaching :slight_smile:


How do I cope? I’ve taken up beating one hand with a hammer. Cheaper than buying new phones…


Sounds about right.

Hah! 2 years playing myself. Took me 6 months to get my first 5* hero and it was… Obakan.

Sounds like a game, yes. A very hard, very unfair one.

As for heroes… TC20. Won’t give you the best heroes in the game, but they’ll give you enough to play.

For me, the fun comes mostly from the people I play with. And leveling up my heroes. I get a little tiny spark of joy every time I’m able to finish and emblem a fancy new toy. And the more of those I accumulate, the better I eventually get at wars and titans, and the easier it is to complete other events.

It’s a very slow kind of reward. Very much carrot on a stick and 99% stick. Really have to just majorly lower your expectations, unless you’re prepared to spend the price of a new car (which is just absolutely insane IMO).

That does seem to be their target audience.

It has survived this long because… perhaps you underestimate how many people in this world are willing to burn tons of cash in exchange for the very short-lived “high” of finally “winning” a jackpot. Even though the jackpot in this case is just a virtual hero sprite. Apparently the actual value of the prize doesn’t matter to those adrenaline junkies, all that matters is that they won it.

I am not sure whether to feel sorry for them or to be envious. Envious that they can find so much joy in something so trivial, envious that they can afford to spend so much money on something so trivial, but also at the same time…

Well, never mind. If I go into the flip side of that, I’ll probably end up coming across as more condescending than sympathetic. And that’s not my intention at all. I can’t pretend that my own life is perfect and that I am without vices of my own. Just that when it comes to vices… gambling - especially gambling for video game heroes - is certainly not a vice that I want or need in my own life.

I can still enjoy the game though, to a lesser extent. Would be able to enjoy it more if grinding actually yielded real, more immediate rewards… if there was an actual path to eventually being able to “earn” all of the heroes in the game without having to go through all the carnival games… but it is what it is.

Don’t even bother wasting your time “trying to collect them all” because you won’t be able to without shelling out a crapload of money. Kinda just have to look at your roster and say, “okay, this is what I have. Let’s see what I can do with it.” :man_shrugging:


Sooo i stopped paying money as well and what im doing right now is just leveling up all the extras i have

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That is the best way to play, IMO. And if you run out of extras, just power up a couple of TC20s, they’ll spit out something else for you to work on eventually. Considering how long it takes to level up each hero (at least without buying trainer heroes or WE flasks to pump out feeders 24/7), there is an actual very real danger of “oversummoning”… getting a bunch of 5* heroes and not having enough time, feeders, or unfarmable AMs to finish them.

I think there are many higher level, big spending players in this game who probably have a ton of great heroes that they haven’t even started to work on yet. And sadly, many of those players will most likely quit the game before they’ve even bothered to level up all those heroes.

So you’ve got some players who have like 10 Tellurias and only 1 maxed and emblemed, and they’re thinking “huh, should I feed these other 9 to Horghall?” Then you’ve got other players who would kill just to have one HotM, but don’t have the luck or money to pull one.