How do you choose whom to level?

I’ve been trudging alone for a good couple of months and now have 5 3* that are maxed. I picked up Colen a couple of weeks ago and have leveled him up to almost 500 power. Yesterday, I picked up Wilbur. So my question is: Should I continue with Colen or focus on Wilbur? It looks like in the long run, Wilbur is pretty stout. Thanks in advance. K

Wilbur is your best option there.

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I would go with Wilbur! He is much better hero than Colen. I have both max out and I don’t use that much Colen anymore, only in wars and not in every war.


Another vote for Wilbur.

Colen is ok if you don’t have other red 4*, but he is slow in mana, less tile damage than Scarlett.

Wilbur is a good utility hero you would use longer than Colen.

So you could start with Wilbur, then take Colen or re-evaluate red options when Wilbur is ready.

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Are you in an alliance?

Yes. Joined today. I just happened to be reading “beginner” stuff here… And thanks all for the advice.

All good, alliances can be good sources of info as well.

colen should be leveled to 3/60 and then i would start Wilbur (no doubt a better hero). you are gonna need diversity in your roster because of wars and titans.
Focus is something that is needed in this game (though patience is probably number 1 on this list)

Patience can be skipped with a huge wallet.

On topic: I’d level Colen up to 3-60 and leave him there until you either finish Wilbur or don’t have anything better to lvl up.
Then I’d start with Wilbur as he’s awesome. Look at him, holding all those fishes and looking as if nothing happened and he isn’t smelling like a rotten cube.


Cool. Colen is 3-24 now, so it won’t be much longer. Also, what exactly is a “tank”?

Center position, the hero that withstand the most damage on a raid since he receives damage from all the center.

Left Rear --------------------------------------------------Right Rear
_________Left Flank----------------------Right Flank
___________________Tank (Center)

Not every hero is suited to be a tank and is an important decission who you put there. When you don’t have much choices put the hero with biggest health and deffense. But when your roster expands there are certain heroes that fulfill that role pretty well, and then is Guinevere.

Makes sense. I have read a leveled Wilbur decribed ss a tank.