How do you build war depth?

Curious to see how others build war depth. Who do you choose and why? Do you work 1 at a time or 5 at a time? Do you choose a hero of each color or do you focus on 1 color? Do you ever prioritize war heros over titan heros? Does your alliance’s war strategy play a role in your roster decisions?


I level up my heroes.


Lmao i think that is 1 way to do it. More of a question as to who you level up and why did you choose that specific hero to level up?

I think in the beginning when you dont have many levelled heroes it is important to keep bunch of 3* heroes with fast SS what hits (Valen, balthazar, berden, bane, nashgar/azar) so you have monocolour teams for last flags - sometimes only 6 tiles are enough to take out the tank and score good points and leave others better clean up battleground

It costs 250 gem to have 25 extra seats for those peeps


I generally work 5 at a time, to best utilize same colour feeding. And have focussed on additional healers for war, as well as debuffers and tanks of different levels.

How did you build war depth?


Majority of my war depth came from titan depth. But then i started focusing more on fast hitters, healers, and buffers. Working on 1 hero at a time and cycling through colors, picking best hero in that color, if one i like isn’t available then i skip it and go to the next.

I’ll take purple. And pick the best hero i have in that color like proteus. I’ll take him to 3/60, or 4/70 if not a dupe and i have the extra mats(keep a healthy reserve for 5*)

Then once he’s done, I’ll pick a yellow hero then finish it, then go to blue then green then red then start over

I normally focus on healers, fast hitters, mana controllers


I’m still early in my game life, so currently lvling my 1st and 6th team! How you might ask.
Well I lvl 5 hero’s at a time, rainbow. But now I’m only feeding my 4* 1st team with all my 2* fodder, whilst I’m feeding all my 1* fodder in groups of 10 to my 6th team! This gives me wiggle room in my roster capacity! This probably won’t help you rigs as your further down the rd. But my hero selection has been limited to the 4* I have so far collected and 3* that are good hitters and healers., ideally the hitters have perks,
For eg I’m targing 3in each element not including healers so ice I’ve lvled 2 valens 1 ulmer, nature isshtak brienne carver, holy kailani bane gan zu, fire namarage nashgar azar, dark balthazar renfeld vlad tyrum, healers hawk x2 belith (next to lvl) tuck… This has helped me compete in events and given me a pretty solid Mop up crew, whilst I have got to my sh 20 and by Xmas tc20 and a tc 19 all inside my 4 month window which ends on 31st of Dec :slight_smile:


Has focusing on war depth hindered your titan progression at all? I’ve always put titan heros above war heros. But some act like I’m nuts for doin it, so probly not the best strategy.

Not really lookin for help per say, just thought it would be an interesting conversation that i haven’t seen started yet

If possible, I level all colours with same colour heroes (unless there are no more heroes that I can level or that are worth leveling) to get the 20 % EXP bonus.

When I only had 15 or so fully leveled 4* heroes I decided to leave new 4* heroes at 4/50 or so in order to start with a new one much earlier (the last 20 levels don’t make a huge difference in strength but they require tons of feeder heroes). Of course, all-purpose heroes like Tiburtus, I brought all the way up when I first got them.

If there are more unique heroes to choose from, I usually level up the most useful overall.
If I can choose between an unique hero and duplicates, I almost always choose the unique hero in order to have more choices in PvP and map levels (and if the hero is useful, also for titans)
If there are only duplicates to level up, I ask myself what I would have needed most for the last one or two teams in the previous wars (in my case: usually healers and/or snipers) and choose the hero to level up accordingly.


I always do 5 training at a time, even if for purple and blue I’ll level up double heroes.
Focusing on only one color would be a waste of time with 5 training, it’s better to do a rainbow training.

Before war’s chest addition the obvios choice would have been to level titan’s heroes first…

Now, having acceptable titan’s teams, even leveling war-only heroes isn’t a waste (Li Xiu or Kashhrek) on low-mid level. Universally good heroes as Boldtusk and Kiril are the first choice here, same as heroes that could work well on events as Grimm while doing their job on other areas.


My list of priority:

  1. Worthwhile 5* if I have mats, sometimes even no mats
  2. Worthwhile 4*
  3. Non worthwhile 5* in a colour I am weak in
  4. Non worthwhile 4* in a colour I am weak in
  5. Non worthwhiles

Whether I focus on just one hero depends on whether I have heroes that go into the same category. Atm I have a lot of category 4 and 1 in category 2.

Once I’m done with Rigard, I’ll level all cat 4 up evenly based on what feeder heroes I get.

If I am not working on a particular colour, the hero with priority gets all of that colour. Atm blue and green go to Rigard automatically


Well, I’m hitting consistently against all titans and average out 90k per 6 hits against 8/9* titans! Currently my biggest hinderence of titan progression is getting a 2nd 4* to 3/60 so I can atleast double stack without a 3* 1hit liability… I’m stacked in ice 4* hero’s and can see a huge difference in the hit average… Other than lacking Wilbur or wu I can’t see my titan hits taking a massive up swing but b-grade ain’t so bad

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I always train 5 heroes at a time, one of each color, to always maximiZe the exp increase. In the long run it will pay off big time.

I keep 45 heroes (9 team of five, 9 of each color) and replace them as I summon better heroes.

I have completed my first complete 4/70 team a few weeks back and I’m working down the second team (which have only heroes I know for sure I will keep in the long run).

After I’ll have my definitive 5* main defense team, all other heroes are chosen with their quality as Titan attackers, color stacking and war attack.

For example, there is no use to keeping a second Kashrek, once you have one for your defense, you will never use the second since he can’t do anything good on a Titan team or attack team. For now I keep my second Kashrek just because I don’t have any better 4* in my 45 hero squad, but I know he will get fed eventually so I’m not leveling him, whatever happens

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I’ve gone for tile damage early on building my attack team. It’s what you do in the absence of 5* and the requisite materials. First I built a rainbow then a few strategic stacks (Kiril + Grimm, Melendor + Caedmon, etc.)

Now that I’m acquiring strikers and placing well on Titan hits and finishing quest I also have the mats to change my attack strategy.

I’m in the process of rotating many heroes out for specific special attack heroes. My depth is gained from this progression and from my ambitions to solidify my defense so I can easily maintain platinum + raid score.

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I also prefered great titan heroes. However, most of the trainable titan must-haves are also great heroes for war (Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimmm, Tiburtus, Gormek, Isarnia) so even if PvP and wars would have been more important for me, I would have prioritised them. The only exception might be Wu Kong, who is indispensable for titans (except for those lucky ones who have Tarlak) but quite risky to use in PvP/wars (well, maybe he just does not fit my play style :smile:).

But I would also prioritise heroes like Evelyn, Ameonna etc. as any fully leveled hero is useful in wars, whereas only very few heroes improve the titan teams when you already have a good basis.

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That’s pretty impressive, I’ve had teammates with better rosters that had a hard time hittin that average on 8 and 9*

Yea that’s pretty much thoughts as well. Love it when i get a hero that fits multiple roles

When I first started I would powerlevel a single hero at a time. Now that I have a deeper bench of leveled heroes and tc19 active I color feed 5 at a time. I never really think of heroes as specifically a titan hero or a war hero, I just kind of level what I think my best option is. Kiril was my first maxed hero followed by Caedmon, then Tiburtus, li xiu, falcon. Grimm was after Kiril, Wu Kong was after li xiu, little John was after Caedmon, Wilbur after falcon, Sabina after Tiburtus. I just focused on the core heroes one at a time in order of preference/need. I made sure I had a healer in every color except yellow because for some reason yellow doesn’t have a 4* healer. I focused more on utility heroes at first with a splash of hitters, now I’m just leveling hitters. Except Boril doesn’t hit but I like him. It’s either Boril or a duplicate blue. I don’t know I think I just rambled about something that could be summed up by your first reply. “I level my heroes” lmao


I’ve always made sure to level heroes evenly. Like I wouldn’t be working on a 5th red if I only had 3 blues leveled. I’m currently working on a 5th for each color, so I’ll have 25 maxed heroes when these are done. I’ve only just started leveling 5* heroes so I guess my first answer should’ve been that I leveled 4* heroes as a priority for bench depth. Now I’m working on Lianna, Marjana, khiona and drake is getting food too but if I get Onatel when she comes out I might stop feeding drake for awhile.

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Rigs, I think it would help if we knew what you are using to level. Are you churning out feeders from a TC19? Are you doing 2-3 TC11s and a TC1/2?

When you say one at a time are you just dumping every feeder you have regardless of color into them?

For me, I do 5 at a time and I am just bringing all my “someday” 4s to 3/60. I am about done with that and I will cherry pick certain ones to move to 4/70 as well as starting/Finishing some of my 5s.

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