How do you build around a kashrek tank?

I finally finished Kashrek and he’s gonna be my new tank. I’m so confused how to build around him though. Looking for ideas. My first attempt at building this team is with Wilbur and Sonya flanks with Caedmon and Scarlett wings idk I’m not sold on it.



Triton buff healing->kash heal and buff fire defence->kiril heal and buff normal def-> you have undying Kashrek :smile:


I’m not convinced Kash is best tank for you. I’d line them up as follows:

Caedmon (dispel/sniper) - Grimm (def debuff) - Boldtusk (healing/att buff) - Li Xiu (mana cut) - Proteus (DoT/mana freeze)

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Put Triton on his left flank and they are evil together.

I wouldn’t put a blue hero next to Kashhrek. Blue is already resistant to red attack, so K’s red shield is partly wasted.

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I used boldtusk for like 2 months now, I specifically leveled Kashrek to be a tank lol. He pretty much gets glowing reviews from everyone as the best 4* tank…

How would you build a defense team with kashrek tank with these options?

This is what I’ve decided to go with so far but I’m not sold on this either.

That would work, though I’d swap Caedmon and Kiril to give Caedmon the shield against fire. Normally I’d never put two of a color next to each other, but the fire shield is compelling reason to break that guideline.

I’d also bring Grimm instead of Sonya. Squishier but a potent hitter.

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What about including Boldtusk instead of Kiril?

Grimm - Boldtusk - Kashrek - Tiburtus - Scarlett

Including 2 red’s would provoke your challenger into stacking blue’s with Kashrek as tank. I could imagine how Tibs -> Scarlett could work well together also.

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Ohhh good idea. I made sure to put two greens in so that people will almost assuredly attack kashrek with red. Double red to try and force blue could be cool too. What about falcon instead of boldtusk and keep Kiril because I like the +30% defense?

Not from me, though :wink: The thing is, I don’t remember when was the last time I have actually lost to Kash tank, but I do remember losing to Bold, he’s much more dangerous imho than Kash, but I guess it depends what heroes surround the tank and with what roster you make your attacks.

Call me crazy but I would get rid of caedmon entirely. If you are going to splash your colors then you dont want to double up on the tank color. I am fine work the order but caedmon should be another attacking red. Perhaps falcon


If you will replace Boldtusk, I would go with Scarlett. Her survivability is a little bit lower than Falcon, but she’s a fast hero. Her special skill lowers your opponents attack, which will increase your entire team it’s survivability. She also has significantly higher attack stats compared to Falcon.

Scarlett - Kiril - Kashrek - Tiburtus - Grimm

I would give that a try then.

Unless you want to double up on red; then I would replace Grimm with Falcon. It’s tough to set up your team in the right order then.


Scarlett - Kiril - Kashrek - Falcon - Tiburtus

I’d rather have Tiburtus at Falcon’s spot, but then it would be less likely Scarlett will benefit from Falcon’s elemental debuff. Since Tiburtus has less defense compared to Falcon, it’s alright for him to be at the wing spot also.

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Caedmon - BT - Kashhrek - Proteus - Chao/Li


Rigard - Triton - K - Proteus - Caedmon
(or a mirror image of this to have Caedmon dispel first)

I’ve tried a similar formation to A with varying success. I think B looks better. Synergy with Triton and the healers

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Currently I put this up

So boldtusk tank is good, we know that. Kashrek flank maybe? Can keep boldtusk going perhaps, he gets to buff attack. Grimm to his right can hit and reduce defence. The color distribution might be awkward for attackers? Stacking blue against boldtusk isn’t great against the rest of the team. Idk I’ve never tried a defense team that wasn’t rainbow

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I have been running Rigard in the left wing slot for my kashhrek team.
Rigard - BT/Kiril - Kash - ? - ? (I try different hitters)

I like the cleanse but I am also biased since my war team is generally broken down piecemeal and Rigard tends to be the last man standing. This upcoming war I might switch Rig and Kiril to have Rig flank instead.

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That is a tough team for a lower platinum but a higher platinum probably wouldn’t hesitate to raid you.

I don’t think Kashhrek works well in flank but give it a go and see how you go! His special doesn’t strike fear into anyone by the time he goes off in that position

Pretty sure I have face this lineup at one point and could not get past it. The Triton/Kash team made it impossible to get Kash out of there.


I also think, Kashrek don’t work well in flank position and for me Kashrek was much harder to kill than Boldtusk, when I was in those levels. How about
Boldtusk, Triton, Kashhrek, Tiburtus/Proteus and Chao.
For me placing blue next to Kashrek is good, we all now how hard it is to kill those purple heroes next to Guinevere! :wink:

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