How do you beat this Mighty Pet defense in raid or war?

Note : This is an “edit” image but this defense is possible in the future by whales.

The defense is Bubbles - Snowball - Clever - Snowball - Bubbles what the same troops and formation as in the image.

Snowball isn’t released for now but he will be release soon in few next Mighty Pet event.

Here are useful informations

:dog: Bubbles - 5* Ice / Blue from Mighty Pets

:dog: Snowball - 5* Nature / Green from Mighty Pets

:trophy: Cleaver – 5* Fire / Red from Covenant of Champions

From the Wrath of Pets passive, whenever your hero get a fiend, each Mighty Pet hero in the defense team will do 85% damage to all you hero. (This effect can activate only once per turn.)

If the Clever tank (who is fast mana speed) fire, your each hero will get 100% + 85% x 4 = 440% damage !!! in fast mana speed.

To put this in perspective, 440% damage is like “being hit by Goseck special skills with 74.3% remain hp”. However, it is the damage from passive. So, it bypass taunt and any types of dodge :rofl:.

And even you manage to kill the Clever tank with heavy blue stack and board luck, you still have a problem against double green flank. Snowball is x3-hit fiend summoner. I think his mana speed is average. If you get a fiend, your each hero will get 85% x 4 = 340% damage which is like “being hit by Killhare costume with +10% Atk from her family bonus”. It also bypass taunt and any types of dodge.

The troops on each Mighty Pet hero in the defense team are ninja troop to maximize damage from passive. And both wing are Bubbles because she has highest base attack in the Mighty Pet family.

I know you can beat this defense or any defense with very good board luck but that isn’t the point. My point is what are the team do you use if you have to attack this defense ? :smile:

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Snowball could be slow for all we know. It’s also a four star. Edit: I misread, it’s a 5 banger.

Lots of speculation but knowing what I know now, I’d take a blue heavy 4-1 team and Arco.

Additionally, you have to be careful with percentages when it comes to the damage formula. 85% from four is different than 340%


Does it really work like that? The passive says “This effect can activate only once per turn”.


Each boss passive will activate. 4 bosses = 4 passive attacks per turn.

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First of all, i think this is a missinterpretation of the passiv.

As far as i understand it, the passiv Deals 85% dmg to the enemy Team If the enemy Team gives your Team fiends.

So the fiends that your heroes give to the enemy Team won’t matter.

And it can only activate once per turn. But i am Not Sure If it is once per turn per hero

Edit: Maybe it’s a Translation Problem. Tests would be welcome

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Where do you see for each fiend? The description states when a fiend is summoned the passive hits 85% to all. So it isn’t 85%*5 when cleaver summons, just 85%.

Edit: and even if there are multiple passives firing because of multiple heroes in a turn (though the wording specifies only once per turn). 5 attacks at 85% does not do the same damage as one attack at 425% as each attack damage is reduced by defense.


I used matilda with a 1.1 chomper… I’m prey sure what i saw was mails giving fiends to the enemy… And computer hitting all for 25 or something negligible. I could see 85*4 happening… I’ll try it with matilda and ribbit and chomper.

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I don’t know why I miss that part of the description :sweat_smile:. Maybe, I watch the video and thought it can active multiple per turn sorry you all for my bad :sweat_smile:.

It gonna take time to edit the OP.

So… Yes… Activates when a fiend is placed on your opponent… And yes… It is a hit all… But it is just once per turn… So if i had 2 matildas… It wouldn’t do anything until i moved some tiles. So… 4*5 @ 85% is substantial… But not game breaking.

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Just throw up a mea culpa and address the math as it is in reality… That still could be quite daunting.

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Ok, Snowball could be slow but I don’t think it is a four star.

SG never release 4* after the event is released in the first time unless there is a big update on the event.

Yes, once per turn but also per hero. 4 Mighty Pet heroes mean 4 x 85%.

They are at 1.1 There is a big different between 1.1 and 85+20.

I am sorry it is my bad than I miss the important part of the Wrath of Pets description.

I fixed the OP now. The damage will be 440% for tank at fast speed. Not as high as 1700% but still very powerful for that mana speed

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No worries, drop rate for the pets is very low. If people spend enough to get them that’s fine I can skip their team.

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For real. You throw hundreds or thousands their way… I’ll battle them when it is me testing them out… But not in war/raids… But… Lil ole gaillard or tahir + can stop the fiends… So… It is not a foregone conclusion that you get hit with the 85%x4

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