How do you beat Telluria in raids?

How do I report a bug with Telluria? There’s a “glitch” no matter who you bring that strong tiles don’t show up til after she’s gone off and her flanks are charged… it doesn’t matter what color your bring ( tried them all )it repeatedly happens. P.S. I’m asking here because the moderator gang has gone “closing/merging” thread happy

You create an official thread in the Bugs and Issues section of the forum.

On a personal note I don’t know if it is a real bug. I haven’t had that experience fighting Telluria. About half my fights I have a good board and the other half not so good.

And to stay on topic… :slight_smile: I often fight Telluria the same way I fight Guin, Ursena, or Aegir tanks. If I have a good board I direct attack more with tiles and try to build up my specials. If I have a bad board I focus on flanks and wings with tiles in an effort to weaken them and build up my specials. Then I attack flanks and/or tanks as appropriate.

Telluria is a very good hero for the moment. Personally I attacked him with Grazul, zimkhitia, marjana, mitsuko, marjana. But faced with the lack of red tiles every time I meet it, now I use Rigard, khiona, seshat, kageburado and hel and it works quite well. But I think we can have the best anti-telluria team if the puzzle is not there, it’s finish.

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I found Telluria at flank much less trouble, even with war defense boon. Try seeking those teams and see what happens.

Question for @Guvnor @zephyr1 does Alasie mana buff stack with Telluria? If not, then this team does not seem as effective as the popular “GM Tell Vela” middle trio defenses.

@Ender_BattleSchool Maybe Tell + Kunchen is a combo to test out?

Also if you can test out Sif Tell Vela middle.

They’re both the same status ailment, so no, they don’t stack.

Useful explanation of how status effects work and stack/don’t: 📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks!


Does he NEED to hit harder?

I think not.

He is a fast hard hitter with 285% direct damage, 60% chance of bypassing defensive buffs, DoT, self HoT, with 4 resurrection turns, that also happens to be a fighter (seriously, how do you kill this guy?).

If that is not a great sniper, I don’t know what it is.

And he is RED, Malosi isn’t.

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Snipers (the good ones anyway) can usually kill a target around 60% health… Tyr can’t do that. Is he a great hero, sure, but he’s not a sniper, something reds are severely lacking in.


I have worked enough to figure out how to counter Kunchen, Ursena, Gm and BK tanks even with non good board.
I have no solution against Telluria or Guin with non good board. I will try to get Malosi during season 3 pulling. But right now facing them seems to be more affected by luck than anything else. And I have > 30 5* maxed.
SG should stop releasing tanky heroes that do mana manipulation. All they do is to increase luck factor and less of a skill factor.

Well, if Tyr can’t kill a hero with 60% health, Malosi can’t either (honestly I don’t know where the Malosi reference came from at all)

We saw green tanks this past weekend, and it was humbling, to say the least. We’re not one of the top alliances (current rank 234), so not sure if top 100 alliances will be switching to green anytime soon.

We lost 6321 - 5637 in a matchup that I otherwise would have pegged us as slight underdogs based on alliance scores before the war.

You made an assumption about my comment and took it out of context. I’m not sure what’s going on myself, but let’s just agree that neither Tyr nor Malosi are good snipers and go our separate ways. :kiss::v:

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I just did not know in which context to put your comment, sorry!!!

But even though I do consider Tyr a sniper, I agree that we could use at least one heavier hitter, like a red Alasie or Kingston.

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I’ve brought this up on the ‘build your own hero’ page before, but nothing. My idea was similar to Alasie, but red and it would debuff first like Kage and hit the target and nearby allies with -54% def to fire. Similar stats to Seshat though he would deal around 475% damage.

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That was my fear as well. Above 2700, I keep rerolling into Telluria tanks but I do not want to imagine a full board of Telluria tanks. That was probably depressing to lose with such a difference.

You can try to be faster.


That’s a nice example :+1: :grin:I usually go yurple against her but I don’t know what I will do during wars when I need 6 teams against her…


Queen of Hearts is the one imo, chance to get her tomorrow! I run Queen-Hood-JF-BT-Zim, works fine, mono risk of course, but those can withstand some hits. Honestly im tired of Tell flanked by Vela and Gravy, boooooooooring! My Tell is on flank, guarding JF or Hood. D at the moment: Zim-Tell-JF-Freya-Hood or Freya-Tell-Hood-Snow White-Kingston, works pretty well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not really. I have her maxed and I tried her agains Tellutia + Vela. In fact QoH is too slow with her average mana speed to be a saver. If you are not super lucky Telluria fires first and QoH mana gets lowed further. So Vela fires before QoH too. After that there is no need to QoH special.


After raiding teams with Telluria tanks some more, I think that Cleric Rigard is the best F2P counter to her. Maybe Sonya costume too – wrong color but hey, it’s a fast cleanse.

I can’t emphasize this enough though; it’s very important to have a cleanser against her. Even having Mitsuko myself, I don’t think she’d be very impressive if it wasn’t for Rigard, as otherwise Mitsuko wouldn’t be able to fire her skill in time to reflect Vela / Finley skill.

What has greatly helped me is having Rigard’s costume bonus + level 5 purple mana troop. Maybe I’m lucky as F2P to have that combination, but it’s the best one I’ve found so far at countering Telluria.

I don’t have Sonya’s costume, but I think she should be effective too even if she’s the wrong color – you probably will require having some 5* snipers to dent through Telluria though as she’s too bulky otherwise.


Caedmon with costume will be coming soon, who will be a green fast cleanser. He will be preferable to Sonya’s costume against Telluria. Being 4* is good too, as that will give more options to fighting her for F2P and C2P.

These two will be more rare and not necessarily F2P: Kadilen costume with that fast-speed dodge seems insanely good too. Elkanen costume comes with vampirism, which will steal a large chunk of healed HP from Telluria. Targeting 3, he should be more effective than the vampire heroes (Victor and Valeria, though I think they are possibly good against her too).

Anyways, I’m planning now to save my keys until costume Caedmon is released, so I can hopefully have a chance to get him and Sonya’s too.


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