How do we rate a players skill level

Going through the threads this week I began to wonder how SG could create a player skill stat. I think this would be huge in helping players get into the right kind of allainces based on their actual skill level versus how much they have spent. Raid wins, how many kills per war, average time of completion for stages, event standings, tournament finishes etc., All of these things could be used to create a skill level so that casual players, light competetive, and more serious gamers could get better placement early on with the right kind of allaince creating less problems for newer players at the start. Just wanting to get some feedback from the community as I think this would solve a lot of problems and wouldnt be that hard to implement.


Initial thought is there could be a lot of hurt feelings if that was automatically calculated.

If there were 3-5 well defined categories that people could self select into and maybe alliance leaders could also use classify their alliance then a system like this could have some legs.

Maybe just have those categories for alliances actually. Then add that as a searchable field when someone searches for an alliance.

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Not sure on the hurt feelings? Could you expand on this more. People can come into the forum claiming whatever they want to about unfairness or rigged boards but at the end of the day a fair rating system would help us in the get go of knowing where to start working to help said players. This could also be expanded into roster depth.


Kills per war is very dependent on the alliance you’re in, and also on the opponents you take on. It’s easy to do 6 kills per war if you’re taking on weaker opponents but that doesn’t help the alliance too much. If you are among the top players in your alliance you should be taking on the top opponents which makes going 6 for 6 harder.


Totally agree with this. However there has to be a way for skill to be measured to stop these floods of ridiculous complaints. If there was an average skill level accompanied with alliance requirements it would go a long way in pairing people with more like minded players. There is no worse feeling than trying to help someone, and if there is a disagreement in logic they feel they are being bullied or belittled. Any person in any game can run into bad habits especially games where peer to peer advice is coveted.

Maybe something incorporating an average TP of opponents’ teams in AW, or points per flag, or both, as an AW effectiveness measure.

Points per flag would be easiest to implement, but again is dependent on alliance. If you are fighting high variance alliances (big spread in defenses) then it’s easy to get 60-70 points per flag. Low variance alliances and you’re lucky to get 50.

I don’t think this would reduce the flood of (unintentionally) ridiculous complaints though. Most complainers seldom look beyond the ends of their nose.


Well I think the other factors outside of war would have more bearing on skill, but average level of opponent could be factored in helping to negate that for sure

The only things that a player does alone, without the mitigating factors of an alliance, are raids (including tournament), quests, and map play.

I would personally hate for tournaments to be included in my rating as I don’t really take them all that seriously.

Has anyone ever played contract bridge?

I think a true skill contest would be giving everyone the SAME board and seeing what they did with it. That would be really cool.

Otherwise you can’t really compare

Maybe we should have a skill tourney where everyone gets the same board, as I suggested here below, but it gained no momentum lol


That would be a true test of skill of everyone had the same board and the same heroes.

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Only if repeated a number of times. And only then is it applicable if all players have had the same amount of chance to play with those heroes.

A one off outcome is meaningless and even 3 wouldn’t mean much.

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True, but a common starting board with variable heroes doesn’t mean much either.

Overall I like this idea. Having some types of metrics would help not only alliances, but personal play. If I stink at something I would love to know and figure out where to improve my game.


This might be good for alliances to rate new members but would it benefit players as there is no criteria when searching for alliances. In the end I would think it would simply turn into an alliance requirement to join. “X skill level required” istead of " X cups required". Don’t know.

An alliance skill level would be great. Sth like an alliance statistics page.


  • average titan level
  • escape ratio
  • average player level
  • war win/loss ratio
  • war flag usage
  • average messages per day
  • average cups

Player skill level would also be cool, if it was counted towards the rankings.

But how to calculate?
Power / player lvl / money
The higher the better…


Would never be abused at all.

No one would use alt-accounts to try various combos before hitting on a great tactic to defeat “the common board”

That wouldn’t happen and wouldn’t tarnish the results at all.



  1. It’s a measure of players’ skill. How they get that skill is irrelevant. If they have it, they have it. If they don’t, no amount of alt-practice is gonna help them.
  2. EVERYTHING can be tarnished.
  3. It’s a way to rank players. If you connive to artificially rank high you WILL be found out pretty quickly. And thus dumped from the top tier alliance you connived your way into. (with a black mark against your name in Line/Discord I’m sure).
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Ya that’s a given though isn’t it in any set of rankings used in any field?

My initial response was, why should the Dev’s spend time on this ? Other areas of the game need attention
Besides, the parameters you mention are all fairly easily manipulated or bought into…

Is this feature really necessary ?
Then I saw this:

So this is all about getting some official acknowledgment that you are a “skilled” player, so you can stick it in other players faces when they disagree with you ?
Or maybe you just need to work on your communication skills, so that when you explain something perfectly logical others are not feeling bullied or belittled ?

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This is a game where you match 3 and you are able to predict 2-3-4 moves into the future.
RNG affects everything that happens to you and everything you do.
How much skill is really involved ?


When you look at challenge events: enough.

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